Gorbachev. The love story watch online

Gorbachev.  The love story watch online
The love story of the first Soviet President Gorbachev in the movie Misha Leonid Mlechina
He was the first and last President USSR, Nobel Peace Prize. The activity of Misha Gorbachev as head of the Communist Party and the country was linked ambitious attempt to reform USSR. And how life was this politician?

September 5, 1953 in Moscow, Sokolniki raybyuro registrar was registered marriage between native village Privolnoe Stavropol Misha Gorbachev and a native of the town Rubcovsk West Siberian region Raisa Titorenko.
In essence, this marriage obviously was not concluded at the registry office, and in heaven. They vowed not to adore friend other out, until death do us part. But it turned out exactly like that. They were together until Raisa not passed away. They adored friend friend. They have never been bored together. Many people do not like the fact that president USSR stressed interested Raisa held view that it is very often provided in the foreground, that she is very self-sufficient …

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