Greenpeace activist flew the glider on French nuclear power plant

An activist of the environmental organization Greenpeace flew to motoparaplane (light aircraft with engine) on Wednesday at the territory of the French nuclear power plant "Bugey" in the department of Ain, reports AFP referring to the gendarmerie.

"Greenpeace activist flew to motoparaplane at 7.40 (09.40 MSK). He entered the territory of nuclear power plants, for there he landed a smoke bomb and arson, and was then arrested," — said in an interview with the head of the agency unit Gendarmerie Colonel Obanel Ain department (Aubanel) .

This is not the first time Greenpeace activists penetration of the French nuclear power plant to demonstrate the vulnerability of these facilities to terrorist attack. Last December 11 environmentalists entered into two French nuclear power plants: in Nogent-sur-Marne in the department and on the department Klyuas Ardèche. They managed to place on the Internet, and video from the plant 14 hours hiding from the guards at the facility.

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