Grodno, where the government was the BNR

In Grodno group of activists marked the anniversary with BNR. At first, the flowers were laid fighters for their country, and then a tour, the theme of which were Belarusian organizations in Grodno, events associated with the leaders of the BNR and stay in the city in 1919, its government.

Volunteer tour conducted historian Andrew Chernyakevich, studying the Belarusian national movement the times. Policemen in plain clothes are not left without attention of the participants, which were about thirty persons. In the beginning, when flowers were placed at the memorial "race to Grunwald," was conducted as operational video.

The "Chase for Grunwald" is next to the brickwork surrounding Kaloskuyu church. Here came a few activists to lay flowers, put a white-red-white flags and remember Belarusian People's Republic. About BPR said Professor Alexander Smolenchuk, an expert on the history of Belarus at the time:

"The fact that we are celebrating the anniversary of '93 through the BNR that destroyed more than once, it means that the idea is still alive. And if the idea of living, then there will be people who are proponents of this idea."

On the Belarusian People's Republic said the young historian Janka Lelevich:

"I hope that this day is the day of real freedom, the one country that had seen back in 1918. I would like us to celebrate the holidays of this, these days our country, our neighbors, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine. They actually thought and did not arise to change the characters to change the Independence Day, called them the day when liberated Kiev and Vilnius from German occupation. "

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