GRU vorachivaetsya

GRU returnsMinistry of Defense and Joint Staff decided to return the teams for specific purposes (special forces) of the Army in the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff. So Makar will be fixed one of the biggest mistakes of the reform of the Armed Forces.

Russian Defense Ministry is going to return the brigade of special purpose "under the wing" of the native authorities — Glavrazvedupravleniya General Staff (GRU). Recall that in the end they turned out to reform the army subordinate to the ground forces (N) of.

"The Return of special forces teams 'home' after a couple of years incomprehensible submission suhoputchikam — totally the right decision. It is taken under the influence of the Chief of Staff and a number of deputy ministers. Well, most Shoigu during trips to Chechnya accompanied gereushniki. So their potential minister know "- said a source in the General Staff.

According to him, at this point in the army seven teams for specific purposes. Another step is forming. "After the massacre Serdyukovskaya restore combat, human resources will have a long and painful. Right before the restoration of the direction in GRU, which will be responsible for special forces, "- says the officer.

GRU returns

Although the structure of the GRU is a state secret, but it is clear that the special forces came to the subordination of the 1st of his license offices, subject to the direction of special intelligence.

"This decision — says a representative of the General Staff — likely due to the aggravation of the situation in the Central Asian direction. Specifically there, but not in the Caucasus, recently expected deterioration of the situation in relation to the events in Pakistan and Afghanistan. GRU only be able to operate in this region very well and secretly. "

According to the views of the former deputy chief of staff for intelligence of the Siberian Military Area Major General Sergei Kanchukova, return to the GRU Spetsnaz brigades — the right, but half a step. "We need to create a special operations forces in the status of species or type of troops subordinate to the Minister of Defense, or specifically the president of the country," — said the general.

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