Harvard expelled for cheating 70 students who studied public administration

About 70 students at Harvard University were expelled after the biggest scandal in the exam scam in the history of the oldest higher educational institutions of the USA, reports The New York Times.

In a statement, the university does not say that studied expelled, but the students themselves say that they were introductory course in the theory and practice of the Congress.

This course had a reputation as a relatively light and attracted many free order of visit, but last semester, according to students, teaching suddenly become so complex that without the aid already graduated from this course they could hardly understand what is required of them in the tests. In the exam papers, which, because of their bulkiness students performed at home, it was found many coincidences in some match even typographical errors.

It is noted that the scandal and the subsequent disciplinary actions have dealt a serious blow to the sports program of the university: the course of the congress attended by many Harvard athletes, including members of the basketball team.

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