Heavenly patrol

On November 20, in the evening, once again saw the sky in St.Petersburg "sky patrol". These are two bright orange ball flying a parallel course about a hundred meters over the same area of the city at a certain time. They respond to my thoughts. For 5-10 minutes. Until I hear a mental flight: "We will see with such and such a place." I go out there and really fly.

Last year, one such drone "scanned" me — as if the whole body "brand" of the past, very clearly felt.

New Year's Eve 2012, they hung longer than usual, apparently scanned celebrated the emotions of people poured into the streets.

That is what is written about them in the network:

Patrols — is alien drones that can crawl space. They came here in the fall of 2010 and since then the clock flying over our heads, but people are not used often to look at the sky.
These devices have been monitoring the Earth, keep track of all the events taking place on the planet and transmit that information to the main "headquarters," where it is analyzed and, if necessary, make decisions about the "interference" in the affairs of humans.
Patrols — only scouts, they have all broken on neighborhoods and districts.
The main feature of patrols — this time span. They appear in the sky every day. In 15 minutes of every hour and not 15 minutes of the hour. Fly one, rarely two. Patrols flying in every city and every country. Information about this was confirmed repeatedly, with this time. Every day, at exactly 15 minutes every hour of the day and night, is the opening of portals in the air "input" (enter the Earth's atmosphere), but without the 15 — opening portals "output" (coming out of the earth's atmosphere). Always in the same place (for each area it his own), is not very high off the ground, at about a tall tree. Opening of the website looks like a flash of light at one point, and then from there it patrols. They do not shine a steady light, and blink intermittently. Their color is blue, white, or red-orange. Blue and white — the type of "star" or "balls." Red-orange — type "balls" and "cylinders".
These devices do not fly all the way, but there are in the sky at about the same point, fly some distance and just instantly disappear. Lasts about 3-5 minutes flight, rarely able to watch them longer.
Despite the fact that patrols are unmanned vehicles, they are able to "hear" your words, thoughts and emotions. And appropriately respond to them. We experimented this spring.
For example, my friends say out loud, "yes it is the same aircraft, do not you see?" And then immediately reduced the speed of the object, and sometimes that wrapped us. He seemed annoyed that he is considered by plane. And went to decline sharply.
If you will witness flown patrols, try to take everything you see calmly and without emotion, unless of course you want longer observe this phenomenon in the sky.
As I wrote, patrols are able to hear your thoughts. And if something is not like it — they include masking and disappear from sight. This does not mean that they had left, they will still be there, but will not let you disguise to see them. Incidentally, the same reaction from them and a video camera. If you want to shoot, do not stand in their mind when writing try not to think "out loud."
Otherwise they would have instantly zasekut. And to repay their "lights."
I understand that this information seems very contradictory and sounds fantastic story — but you can check it.
Simple — look at the sky at night (as the day it is very difficult to see), at 21:15, 22:15, 23:15, 00:15.
This — the opening portals "input."
And at 21:45, 22:45, 23:45, 00:45 — opening portals "output."
Every day — in 15 minutes of any hour and not 15 minutes from the next.

Approximate direction flown patrols: south-west — north-east and vice versa.

Author: Daima Chaplinsky

Category: UFOs and aliens

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