HeliRussia 2013 became Europe’s largest helicopter event of the year

HeliRussia 2013 became Europe's largest helicopter event of the year

The exhibition is held in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 28, 2011 № 1310-p. Organizer — The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Title sponsor of the event — JSC «Helicopters of Russia», General sponsor — Eurocopter Vostok, official partner of the exhibition — Novikombank.

In 2nd International Show helicopter industry took part 205 companies from 18 countries of the world. Compared with previous years, the exhibition shows the steady growth. So, in 2011, participated in the exhibition 161 companies from 16 countries, 156 companies from 14 countries in 2010. Comparing the same with the first exhibition held in 2008, the total number of exhibitors has grown by 60%.

Rate range of new items and a huge global helicopter manufacturers this year there were more than 10 thousand people. Recall that last year the exhibition was visited by about 9 thousand Muscovites. The exhibition is also accredited by more than 300 representatives of Russian and zabugornyh media.

Midst of guests this year were both political and municipal leaders, zabugornye delegations, representatives of Russian and foreign law enforcement agencies, businessmen, craftsmen helicopter industry, representatives of Russian and zabugornyh media and laypersons helicopter theme.

Exposition area HeliRussia 2013 increased nearly 1000 square meters. m and amounted to 12 706 square meters, which presented their products 205 (165 Russian and 40 zabugornyh) companies, including such favorites of the world market as «Helicopters of Russia», Eurocopter, Sikorsky Aircraft, AgustaWestland, Bell Helicopter, MD Helicopters, Robinson, «Motor Sich», Turbomecca, Transas UTair PANH and many others.

On display for the first time in Russia a New Zealand company Composite Helicopters unveiled its revolutionary car — first helicopter in the world of composite materials — KC-518.

Guests were also able to see the exhibition first assembled in Russia in a joint venture JSC «Helicopters of Russia» and AgustaWestland JV «HeliVert» new multipurpose helicopter AW139. By the way, exactly the same helicopter, but the Italian production, Prime Minister enjoys DA Medvedev.

One of the main themes of the exhibition was the development of air ambulance in. His vision of modern machines to perform sanitary and evacuation operations presented as JSC «Helicopters of Russia» with a light multipurpose helicopter Ka-226T in honey specifications and company Eurocopter own show on board a specially equipped EC-145.

For the first time presented their engines V6 and V12 scheme representatives of the newly-formed company Russo-Balt. A distinctive feature of the engines — their versatility. With small modifications they can be applied in aviation, maritime transport and cars.

Before entering the exhibition hall was billed two helicopters: military helicopter Mi-35M and light multipurpose helicopter proizvodtstva Kazan plant «ANSAT.»

Ukrainian company «Motor Sich» showcased HeliRussia-refreshed 2013 Mi-2 of its development. As said General Director of JSC «Motor Sich» Vyacheslav Boguslayev, Mi-2 was the prototype of the new helicopter entitled SME-2. «From an old helicopter he remained only the blade. Design Bureau developed machine made in «Motor Sich» — informed Boguslayev. On such a step, the company has gone for the reason that the world is currently idle unlimited number of Mi-2 helicopters. These machines was built just over five thousand only in the North and Far East of Russia operated 900 Mi-2, in fact they are all on the ground because of worn-out and obsolete engine TV2.

Only exhibition featured 16 cars and zabugornyh Russian manufacturers, including: Gazelle SA341, Robinson R-22, R-66 and two cars R-44, AgustaWestland AW119 Koala, Eurocopter EC-130 T2 and EC-145, Ka- 226T, MD-520, Bell-429, «ANSAT», AgustaWestalnd AW-139, «Aviaproekt» AP-55, modernized Ukrainian factory «Motor Sich» Mi-2 — SME-2 and military transport Mi-35M.

The official opening ceremony of the exhibition, which was accomplished on May 16, 2013. in the pavilion № 1 «Crocus Expo» took the role:

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin;
Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov;
General Director of «Russian Technologies» Chemezov;
Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation Vyacheslav Shtyrov;
Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Anatoly Punchuk;
General Director of JSC «OPK» Oboronprom » Dmitry Lelikov;
General Director of JSC «Helicopters of Russia» Dmitry Petrov;
Chairman of the Board of the Association of the Helicopter Industry Misha Kazatchkov
and other officials.
In the address the participants, organizers and guests came a congratulatory telegram from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who is not the first year participates in the opening ceremony, spoke first, saying that «HeliRussia establishes the competence of our country.» «In modern Russian Federation need not only competitiveness, and cooperation. See, admire, admires. Nothing more luxurious than the modern helicopter, not yet invented the idea of ​​human «- said Dmitry Rogozin.

According to Dmitry Rogozin, Our homeland becomes «Naikrepchayshaya helicopter in the world power.» Deputy Prime Minister said that in the near future not only succeeded one hundred percent return the jurisdiction of the country, and to strengthen it. Also, views, Dmitry Rogozin, Russian legislation on the use of helicopters in large towns requests forthcoming liberalization since «Is the only delivery option and the police and ambulance and rescue and other emergency services in each point of the town.» Because, according to Deputy Prime Minister, it is necessary to intensify the construction of additional helipads.

Minister of Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov noted that the number of exhibitors increased every year.

Welcoming the participants and guests, RF Minister of Industry, namely, said: «We find ourselves witnessed the creation of new projects. This cooperative project with AgustaWestland. With all of this — not only for helicopters, which are now already collected and presented here. Currently are working on a new helicopter in the niche of 2.5 tons. I hope that in 2016, the helicopter will be certified and will be supplied to the first customers. We find ourselves getting witnessed the birth of the second helicopter KA-62, which begins to create in the late 1980s and early 90s. Now it’s a different, completely brand new car with modern international cooperation, an entirely new engine.

I hope that these international relations Russian helicopter industry will only expand and strengthen. «

Chemezov noted the increased role of Russian helicopters in the world market. «Consolidation helicopter assets within the holding» Helicopters of Russia » justified itself — said at the opening ceremony of the head of Russian Technologies. — In Russian helicopters saved the highest measured demand. Over the past five years the volume of exports increased by more than a third part, and the establishment has grown almost fourfold. «Helicopters of Russia» occupy a tenth of the civilian and military sectors fifth of the global market. Now it is a busy international company that produces new products. «

After the opening of the exhibition, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Yuri Slusar honored representatives of AgustaWestland Cesario Caccia and Alberto Ponti decoration «Noble aircraft builder Russian Federation.»

According to the company, in June this year, the first Russian AW139 assembly will be delivered to the customer who ordered two cars. The second will be given in the fall. All helicopters will be in the VIP performance and equipped antioblednineniya embracing system that allows making flights in all weather criteria.

Eurocopter company’s own board presented two machines — light helicopter EC-145, prepared for emergency medical assistance and evacuation, as its own blockbuster — upgraded light helicopter EC-130 T2, is today the quietest helicopter in its class. Order quantities EC-130 T2 only for the year 2012 exceeded 70 pc.

Russian base exposure was combined shield GC «Russian Technologies», which included the exposure of companies «OPK» Oboronprom «, JSC» Concern Radioelectornic technology » (KRET), cooperative companies shield «Rosoboronexport» and Concern «Aviation».

Besides the above-mentioned Ka-226T, Mi-35M «Ansat» Holding «Helicopters of Russia» presented on its own board layouts all now produced by helicopters.

The company also announced before the show that can resume the process remotorization own light helicopter Mi-34. Refreshed machine, creation dates which are not yet determined, will be performed at the joint rossysok-Italian joint venture in the suburban HeliVert Tomilino.

A member of the «Oboronprom» United Engine Company (APC) showcased a number of new engines, including turbo-shaft engine fifth-generation VC-800V owning the highest efficiency and lowest cost of production. Holding «Schwabe» Show overview retrieval system GOES-337M for Mi-17 helicopters. It provides day and night detection, identification, capture and tracking of ground targets.

Enterprise KRET presented several models of strapdown inertial navigation systems used to determine the location of aircraft, missiles and ships. KRET is a major manufacturer of avionics for the Ka-52, the 1st of the most advanced combat helicopter in the world.

Concern «Aviation» presented more than 40 of their own development. Namely, the NPP «Respiratory», included in the «Aviation», introduced oxygen supply unit PSU-3-210r with significantly reduced weight and a fire extinguisher with a modernized UBSH pirogolovkoy other than small size.

By «Aviaproekt» the exhibition was first introduced not only their own full-scale model of the new four-light helicopter pine scheme AP-55, and its main gearbox. According to the company’s production capacity to prepare for production of 60 cars per year. Projected range of AP-55 — 515 km, the required load — 300 kg, hovering ceiling — 3600 m

Usually was saturated and business exhibition programm. In this year’s HeliRussia 2013 held 46 different presentations, workshops, conferences and round tables. The main event was the 2nd Interdepartmental Scientific and Practical Conference «Air ambulances and medical evacuation -2013», held May 16-17. Open a discussion on the conference issues related to air ambulance in. At the conference were representatives of municipal executive authorities, medical experts at organizations with experience in medical evacuation of patients with the introduction of airplanes and helicopters, organizations involved in the design, manufacture and certification of aircraft and medical equipment.

The conference included workshops «Using honey aviation brigade during the evacuation of patients over long distances», held spices training center for professionals aviation brigades VTSMK honey «Protection» Health Ministry with the introduction of the Ka-226T and «Providing critical medical assistance to victims at the scene with the introduction of sanitary helicopters» presented at the scientific-practical center of critical medical care, Department of Health of Moscow-based helicopter Eurocopter EC-145.

Lively enthusiasm among the participants led the signing of the agreement in the field of airworthiness and implementation procedures between AR IAC and main control civilian aviation Peru. Document easier to issue export airworthiness certificates and makes the smooth function of registration of new helicopters Russian production of aviation registry and virtually opens for Russian helicopters sky Peru.

«Helicopters of Russia» May 17 signed an agreement with PANH to work together to expand areas of implementing civilian helicopters. Document involves collaboration in the area of ​​operation of the new leader and modified types of Russian helicopters in production criteria, study customer requirements aviation services to the appearance and the technical and economic features of commercial helicopters, the features of their operation and implementation in Russia and other countries. Companies also want to create together the assessment of technical level and competitiveness of existing and promising civilian helicopters and define the general direction of modernization Russian civilian helicopters in accordance with the requirements of the aviation market. In addition, in the midst of projects reflected in the agreement — creation: preparation and application in training simulators to new Russian helicopters.

In the first day of the exhibition distributor of AgustaWestland helicopters in Russia Exclases Holdings Company signed a new contract to supply five AW139 helicopters Russian assembly. Machines will be delivered as a VIP, and in the transport configuration.

ZAO «Transas Aviation», a subsidiary of «Transas» and the company Jet Transfer, the official dealer of the South American helicopter manufacturer Bell Helicopter, signed a cooperation agreement in the installation of the GLONASS / GPS helicopters Bell-407 and Bell-429. Bell Helicopter Radio equipment GLONASS / GPS «TSS» (Transas Satellite System) production «Transas» will be carried out in accordance with the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation on the equipment GLONASS equipment for all aircraft of foreign manufacture, used in Russian Federation, by January 2017.

Also a lot of attention on the part of exhibitors lured International Conference «Helicopter Market: Reality and Perspectives», organized by the Association of the Helicopter Industry and branch agency «AviaPort.» The conference examined the characteristics of Russian helicopter market from a position of consumers and producers of helicopters with the participation of representatives from leading operators and manufacturers of helicopters. According Modera conference, executive director of branch agency «Airport» Oleg Panteleyev, now Russian companies prefer to take foreign light instead of heavy Russian helicopters. Russian MI-8/17 class machines are replaced by lighter vehicles of foreign manufacture. In 2012, the internal market Russian producers was summarily delivered 20 civilian cars, most of them addressed to public customers and federal agencies. At the same time, foreign cars in the past year on the Russian market delivered 97. Dominates light helicopter «Robinson-44»: on the domestic market in the past year has sold 58 of these machines.

«The trend of prevalence of» Robinson 44 » states that the cost of flight hour this machine is the lowest — said, in turn, Chairman of the Board «of Helicopter Industry Association» Misha Kazatchkov. — Customer vote their pocketbooks. In «Robinson 44» the lowest price, it leads. This is the major trend: the client seeks to minimize their costs for transport services. If coming in, producing helicopters, Russian companies will increase the price of a flight hour, the helicopters will dominate light, single-engine. «

On scientific — practical conference «Aircraft avionics» open a discussion vital issues related to the current state and prospects of development of on-board equipment, the role of which in the form of modern helicopters grows inexorably. The conference was held a round table «Forecast of development of avionics for the promising helicopters.» Moder — Janjgava Givi Ivlianovich, General Designer of «concern of the radio technology», PhD, Doctor, Honored Scientist of Russia, winner of the Awards and municipal Makareykin Vladimir Stepanovich, director of development and municipal innovatorskomu programm JSC «Helicopters of Russia» ;. The event was the role of representatives of the Government of Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Economic Development, the Defense Ministry, the FSB, MVD, the State Corporation «Rosteh», JSC «Helicopters of Russia», JSC «Concern Радиоэлектронныетехнологии» foreign and Russian companies and Aircraft Instrument helicopter industry, also specialized media.

Future world helicopter, practices and perspectives of using composite materials, certification and benign operating techniques, built with the introduction of materials innovatorskih open a discussion at the round table «Application of composite materials in rotorcraft aviation technology», organized by the technology platform «Aviation mobility and aviation technologies» , Department of Aviation Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and JSC «Helicopters of Russia».

The main event was the opening of the exhibition on May 17 the first Russian Heliport roof «Crocus Expo». A cooperative project «Russian helicopter systems» and «Helicopters of Russia» vsepolnotsennym has a waiting room, reception area and examination. For clients and a business center with access to the web, bar, also a real vacation spot.

Uniqueness of the first Russian Heliport lies not only in its modern facilities, and its transport accessibility — almost Heliport customers will be able to use all modes of transportation in the immediate vicinity of Heliport are Metropolitan Ring Auto Road (MKAD), Marshal Zhukov avenue, rolling in Novorizhskoe, yacht club «Crocus City» also the metro station «Myakinino.»

The first passengers Heliport «PBC» became recognizable fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin, specially arrived for the opening of a helicopter own residence and CEO UTair Andrei Martirosov, became the perpetrator’s official departure from Heliport.

Usually, HeliRussia is not only a major European platform to showcase helicopters and equipment, and an interactive platform, which will be curious about how the helicopter industry experts, and just fans of aircraft, regardless of age, and other hobbies.

Festive event of the year for members of the Helicopter Society became the benefit of annual Prize Award Ceremony AVI This year’s awards were nominated from the AWI 68 applicants. The results were announced in the presence of large companies control helicopter manufacturers also an honorary member of the Association of Sergei Sikorsky — son of the famous inventor of the helicopter, Russian and South American aviator Igor Sikorsky.

The exhibition summed up the sixth of the International photo contest for the best work on the helicopter on «Beauty of helicopters.» In total, during the period of, the contest brought over 600 photos, of which 12 selected favorites in four categories: «Helicopter — hard worker,» «Helicopter — fighter,» «Helicopter — athlete» and «Helicopter and Nature.»

Most visitors to the exhibition is small, moreover, we were able to see the live helicopters photographed on their background with the pilots and even sit inside, also took part in the decoration of the layout of the «global» Helicopter, collected on a scale of 1:3.

Team HeliRussia already 6 years organizes naikrupneyshim European event in the helicopter industry at the highest level. Every year several hundred exhibitors and several thousand guests can appreciate the development of Russian helicopter market, its prospects and trends, see new world helicopter, take an active role in the business programmke exhibitions, exchange of experience and co-workers from around the world, is also directly and without intermediaries present their vision of the future helicopter industry as manufacturers of helicopters and helicopter equipment and appropriate authorities.

Exhibition held once again cemented its status Russia 1st of strong and rapidly-developing world is following helicopter industry that has been noted by virtually all participants HeliRussia 2013.

Convinced that the subsequent exhibition will be even more fun for the participants, and achieved her results will benefit the helicopter and progress in general.

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