Hideouts UFO

UFOs of the Third Reich with the help of "flying saucers" Hitler hoped to turn the tide of the war in 30 — 40 years of the last century, intensive work to create disk-shaped aircraft led by Nazi Germany. Manufacturing of parts and components charged with different plants — that no one can guess their true purpose.

This film tells of cases of unidentified flying objects in the territory of the USSR. It includes interviews with eyewitnesses and experts in the field of ufology, scientific thinking about the nature of the mysterious phenomena … The first evidence of the appearance in the airspace of the Soviet Union, flying objects, can not be identified, noted long ago.

Credit for this belongs to the military. However, because of the extreme secrecy of the information collected, the majority of reported cases are not made public. The fact of the appearance of a UFO, which saw passengers civilian airliner in the early 80's, was a rare case where the evidence of the mysterious incident could leak to the press.

Category: UFOs and aliens

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