Hosts «Ukrainian Reich» preparing a military provocation? Russia is time to begin to be proactive

Apparently, the owners of the project «Ukrainian Reich» headed for the aggravation and war. Unfortunately, the terrain and Little Russia long operated freely intrigued face. And now the fastest-developing actions and naughty scenarios. All barriers have been dismantled to the abyss still in the preliminary step.

By coming from Ukraine disk imaging, on the Crimean direction concentrates shock army group, armored, artillery and airborne compounds. Unfolds army air defense. Apparently, the owners of Kiev preparing a major military provocation in the style of the Georgian attack on South Ossetia in 2008. Only its magnitude will be more serious, given the fact that Ukraine — Georgia is not far away and has a much more serious military capabilities.
After stripping scale military tops, which did not want to commit suicide, leaving only those military leaders who are ready to fulfill the orders of Kiev, but rather behind it forces. In addition to the military compound oriented «Nazi commissars» who should control the military. All this we have beheld in history (French, Russian Revolution). «Activists self Maidan» (more of a neo-Nazi «right sector») are assigned to the commanders of formations and units. Their task — active mental processing of personnel and control of commanders. They got the right to exclude from the command.

Signs of active training military provocation there. 79th separate airmobile brigade, which, apart from small arms has antitank and antiaircraft missiles, deployed to blockade the Crimean isthmus. 1st independent tank brigade is shown in full combat readiness. Brigade comes in the 8th Army Corps Territorial Command «North» Army and stationed in the village Goncharovskiy (Chernihiv region). On arms brigade modernized tanks T-64BM «Bulat» (76 cars). 26 th Artillery Brigade, which is located in Berdichev (Zhytomyr region) and the 27th Regiment of rocket artillery (Sumy) put forward in a southerly direction. In service with the 27th Regiment — MLRS «Hurricane.» Also fixed extension of dislocation Fri units Zhitomir 95th separate airmobile brigade.

Apparently, the core of the strike group to become the 8th Army Corps (it has in its composition two mechanized and armored brigades). In addition, the compounds may be used from the 6th Army Corps (Dnepropetrovsk). Namely, we can use the 25-th separate airborne brigade. Leave the place of dislocation and 80th airmobile regiment (place of dislocation — Lviv).

Most likely, the process will evolve Nekhoroshev scenario. All this fuss with the dispatch of troops and their concentration can not be ventured only to demonstrate the power and exercises. To maintain the glow of hysteria in the media about the «eastern threat» and the criteria of economic collapse concentration of mobile, armored and artillery units and overhead looks very odd. Kiev needs a war to save the regime from bankruptcy and death in the coming months, when people will be clear that means no one will (normal population, but to support the war and occupation structures means the West will find) and Ukraine into the European Union will not take. Then last illusions dispelled, and people usvoyut that they were left with nothing … And the loss of the Crimea will complete impotence of the new authorities. Because you need to disrupt the referendum at any cost. And there — «The West will help.»

«Western partners» of, first — the U.S., are also interested in such developments. Plan to foment World War II has not been canceled, and it is quite a good pace realized. The war on the territory of Ukraine — is a powerful blow to the Russian Federation, well and «junior partners» — Western Europe. Another blow will strike and Turkey, which destabilize using the Kurdish card and internal problems with the Turkish «swamp» figures. Now Ankara still need to listen to the prayers of the Crimean Tatars for assistance. Our homeland, Western Europe and Turkey get another «seat of war» at the border. Destabilization of the Eurasian space is underway. The only «island of stability» The U.S. remains.

It is clear that the Anglo-Saxons themselves wage war not going. For this is the «cannon fodder» — Ukrainian neobanderovtsy, later pulled Islamists. Benefit talent pool is, run-fighters in Syria and Afghanistan. But some tools and a weapon just settle. With all of this will pull troops choke using the information war, have a diplomatic pressure. Thus, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in a telephone conversation with the minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov stressed that any attempt to annex the Russian Crimea «close the door to diplomacy.»

Need to think that Washington prohibits Moscow to recognize the results of the referendum in the Crimea and take it into the Russian Federation, also use troops if Banderivtsy anger against the Southeast and the Crimean peninsula. This is a kind of «red line» for the U.S.. Russia willing to «take fright.»

Once the U.S. pulls troops, putting psychological pressure and pulling force of of Ukrainian direction. On March 6, Siauliai Air Base in Lithuania were hastily transferred 6 Tactical Fighter F-15C Eagle USAF. As well as their escorts arrived two tanker aircraft Boeing KC-135R, which transferred the ground staff (60 people) and equipment for aircraft had been transferred. F-15C fighters are part of the 493rd Fighter Squadron «Grim Reapers» 48th Fighter Wing U.S. Air Force Command in Western Europe, which is based on the British air base Lakenheath. These aircraft have strengthened the group of four F-15C fighter jets of the same squadron, located in Siauliai YTD.

In addition, the Polish airbase Lask March 10-11 going to throw 12 tactical aircraft F-16C / D U.S. Air Force and 300 personnel. And first of April in Poland will transfer three military transport aircraft C-130 and 100 personnel of the U.S. Air Force. Before deployment of these forces in Poland since the end of 2012 already deployed four American fighter F-16C / D and one military transport plane C-130. With all this disk imaging divulged about the likely placement on the territory of Ukraine and NATO bases global missile parts.

Arrival at aviabazu Siauliai (Lithuania) 1st of 6 additional fighters slung F-15C Eagle

Bandera new order. Rf time to begin to be proactive

In Kiev pretty quickly passed the initial shock and panic caused by the adoption of the Federation Council resolution which gave the right to Vladimir Putin used on the territory of Ukraine military force. Moscow did not use the time to decide the issue in their favor with the South-East (the region is a significant part of the New Russia) following the example of the Crimea. You do not even need to enter the army. It was enough to use the tools of the West — the so-called. «Soft power». Moreover, Russian leaders have repeatedly expressed on the subject that are not going to use force. Say, if only blood shed peaceful inhabitants, then think about it. In Kiev realized that «beat» them until they are calmed down and began to direct their orders promptly. At full organizational support from the West.

Army quickly put under control, strengthened its «commissars.» Interior Ministry troops have reinforced the «patriots» and «commissioners». Immediately went to the process of forming the nucleus of modern army — «Bandera Taliban.» Apparently, soon worth waiting Bandera transfer orders of the military arsenals. With the defeat of a number of military units, buildings, MIA and SBU they’ve got a good arsenal. SBU, which is still before the revolution and during it worked for the CIA was involved in the process of fighting with the «separatists». To protect Gauleiters hastily transferred battalion Western mercenaries. Of course, that as the process evolves rapidly it will strengthen. Unemployed and able to shoot to the same dislike Russia, the former Yugoslavia, Poland, Romania, Albania pretty.

In regions urgently transferred hundreds of neo-Nazis, militia «smoothed out.» Mobilized oligarchs, who worked from the beginning in a bundle with a «p-revolutionaries.» Resource at their big — funds, own «teams», links to local business and crime. Some experts noted that security agencies oligarchs are comparable in size with the Ukrainian army. They are well trained and fully capable to suppress popular uprisings in the Southeast.

It is clear that such criteria in peaceful protests in the Southeast, in Odessa, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk doomed to defeat. By entering the revolutionary principle: who has the most battalion and who has more rifles (machine guns), he is right. In fact, the strength of the Southeast in the last days spent on just letting off steam. This channeling protest. Oligarchs with their ChOPami, Bandera troops, mercenaries, and stripped and fortified «commissars» the Interior Ministry and the army swiftly enough will induce «new order» in the Southeast. In addition, local officials, and a significant part of the business is not interested in the conflict. They are willing to «negotiate», in other words merge protest. Control of the media, which launched a massive anti-Russian psychosis, with the support of foreign political consultants and professionals in information war, completes the picture of doom Southeast. Can survive only at full ideological mobilization, when saying that death is better than losing. Russian Novorossia unlike Bandera were not ideologically mobilized. They still do not realize that no negotiations with neo-Nazis, the Nazis only understand force. To find a compromise with an uncompromising opponent — this is the way to defeat.

In the upcoming Southeast 15-20 years, as today’s Center and the West between 1991 and 2013., Would be assimilated. More passionary kill or displace in Russia. A further development of the streamlined: Russian kids become «Ukrainians» zauchat from school that Mazepa and Bandera — heroes, and all the failures guilty «Muscovites.» Because these days are — the last chance to save himself Novorossia.

To keep in mind that the project «Ukraine», which has already changed several owners — Vatican, Poland, Austria-Hungary, the German Empire, the 3rd Reich and the Anglo-Saxons (London and Washington), initially created with one goal — one split superethnos Russ . The purpose of this project — «Muscovites knives» clash 2-pieces of superethnos. Examples of similar projects in the history already. This Slavic Muslims in the Balkans.

Because «Ukraine» from the very beginning of its existence aggressive Russia. Bandera participated in almost all local conflicts on the territory of the former USSR: Karabakh, Transnistria, Abkhazia, Yugoslavia, Chechnya, South Ossetia. Their programm — a war against «imperial Russia.» Two decades of gradual de-Russification and de-Sovietization of Ukraine led us to the brand new step — West Center and ready for the Nazi state, the turn of the South-East, which is planned residue from «Russian-ness.» Further turn for the Russian Federation, neighboring areas.

In such criteria Moscow Gimp and can not wait. Southeast fails to bear strong favorites that are not prepared in the previous period. Bandera terror, media pressure and acts oligarchs suppress popular protest. It’s simple: more overcomes ideological and organized force. If Moscow agrees with the departure of the Southeast under the power of neo-Nazis, protecting only the Crimea, it will be severe geopolitical and historical defeat. Neo-Nazis pretty quickly assimilate the Southeast and will not stop.

While Moscow is acting on the situation. This knee-jerk reaction. So, very well noticeable that since the beginning of Moscow advocated unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine, still hoping to return to negotiations. But as the radicalization of the situation instantly forgot about the previous word of «territorial integrity» and practically recognized in Crimea right choice. Russian lawmakers have expressed their willingness to Crimea in the Russian Federation. It is evident that Moscow is acting on the situation.

In these criteria, when the West has long been trampled all principles, including the principle of «territorial integrity» (can remember Kosovo, Yugoslavia previous section, etc.), to act for compliance with conventions stupid. As before, we’re playing the wrong game.

Create West neo-Nazi countries on our borders means war. Wait another bluntly. In fact, it is not hidden, «Muscovites knives» — recreation programs from Banderivtsy. In this example program is fully confirmed cases. When information and organizational support of the West Kiev very rapidly mobilize the country. SBU, the Interior Ministry and the Defense Ministry Nazis trampled rapidly induce own order in the south-eastern regions. Oligarchs mobilized for the same purpose. In this case, unlike the Third Reich, the task of creation of a strong economy, military industrial complex, military-technical breakthrough development, unity of civilization, demographic applets before Bandera not worth it. They will complete the sale of the Ukrainian SSR Western capital (information about this already penetrate) and throw disgruntled people at war with Russia.

Neobanderovtsy and their Western masters are not going to expect. Time plays against Russia. Dismantling of the economy, the destruction of social infrastructure, the repression will cause new wave of public protest in Ukraine. Besides Russia again trying to catch on during re armed forces, as in 1904, 1914 and 1941. Our homeland again under rearmament retraining troops. In 2020-2025 years. it will be much harder.

Because to give the initiative to the Nazi Kiev (its owners) are very insecure. This means that we will miss the first shot. As in 2008. Just another scale. By the same outer threat to Ukrainian (also Caucasian and Central Asian) directions will inevitably keep pace with internal neuvvyazkami. The enemy does not sleep and well aware of our internal «ulcers.» We have the same prepyadstviya that opened the revolution in Ukraine: corruption, the expansion of the «elite», the presence of a strong «fifth column», including the oligarchy, social injustice. This is all exacerbated by a strong underground Islamist state weighty problem when Russian very long time have been infringed on its own ground, the migration problem. In Russia, prepared by the fault of the band: «Muslims» — «Christians», the Russians — migrants. Can cause massive streams of hatred, provoking several new massacres, killings and attacks. We should not forget about ethnic separatism, regional separatism local authorities, who are ready at a comfortable case to claim center.

In the criteria of external confrontation, sanctions from the West will manifest all internal «friends of Russia.» The Liberals and very left to nationalists and Islamists. We should not forget the danger from the oligarchs, pro-Western part of the «elite» of. In a heavy moment to expect from their komplota. They plunged a knife into the back of. It did not work to organize a mass protest in Moscow, means organizing a dozen other regions. Spray the force center. With all of this more efficient part will address «issues» on the Ukrainian «front.» Maybe in other areas. Namely, on a «Central Asian Spring».

Remembering didactic example in 1917, when more efficient part fought with the Germans. And in the capitals of bankers, nobles, generals, princes and majestic dumtsy spun spider’s web for Russia. Wait for complete devotion to figures from today’s «United Russia», «communists» Zyuganov and «liberals» Zhirinovsky’s not worth it. If the authorities show weakness, they will pass it here and will speak to the media stories about «bloody fight» with the regime.

To keep in mind that the main war is at the level of ideas, concepts at the level of consciousness and organization. With this we have bad. Because the wait is like death. Once the attack. Take the strategic initiative. The benefit of the enemy in the last decade is also very decomposed. While in Brussels and Washington will be judged yes to dress, what to do, we will solve the problem of the reunification of the Russian Federation and the New Russia … And then we will see what to do. How to read Napoleon: «The main thing — to get involved in the fight, but we’ll see.»

At the level of an open, fair fight rusam no equal. You can not play by their rules. Need to impose their own rules. In Kiev, the Nazis came to power. And what is it that is it — we know better than anyone in the world. In order to kill the third Reich with his hangers-on, we paid a terrible price. We paid very expensive, so for the moment to bring fathers and grandfathers. Let the enemy Russian land? History will not forgive us this. There is no choice — you need to destroy the Nazis. And the more we give time to consolidate their small animal, the more difficult it will be to kill. The issue is not only the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, but the whole of the Russian civilization, indeed, world history. We again turn on. If we tighten the reciprocal actions, zavyaznem in someone else’s game, the battlefield will be transferred to Russia.

Moscow must mobilize civilization. The victory in the Olympics — this is just one of the few steps that actually need to do. We must be ready for the greatest battle — a battle for survival on the planet Russian civilization superethnos Russ. To battle for humanity itself, which hosts are coming West. In fact, it’s a battle between good and evil …

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