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What told the scientist, like science fiction, he said, is that Tipo 40 years ago on the moon there are traces of ancient and apparently extraterrestrial civilization. Here are just a NASA gave the order to kill photographic evidence. Johnstone also disobeyed and hid some. Briefly charges Johnston Hoagland limited to the following: the astronauts mission "Apollo" was found on the moon and building technology traces of old civilizations and photographed them.

Apart from this, they seize antigravity technology. All these data NASA has hidden from the public. Johnston was responsible for the photo information lunar missions, was ordered to kill all the pictures, but he secretly disobeyed and preserved them. The footage shows the ruins of cities, large spherical objects made of glass, stone towers and castles that are hanging in the air. NASA scientists say, this has long been understood, but the information classified. Johnston in 1969, ran a photo department of NASA, and he was ordered to kill all the shots. But he did not. It took almost 40 years, and astrologer decided in the end to share the photo: "I do not care to lose nothing. I quarreled with NASA and I got fired." NASA's response to the sensational statements stores mysterious silence. managed to find out the details of what is called the first-hand. We offer our readers an exclusive interview with the organizer of a sensational press conference, NASA consultant after applets "Apollo", the founder of the organization and the principal investigator Richard Hoagland Enterprise Mission (Richard C. Hoagland).

Why did you and Ken Johnston decided to publish these hidden data specifically on this point? Why do not already have? Are you afraid of something?

We never waited. Back in 1996, Ken Johnston, I and a number of former NASA engineers and scientists participated in the previous conference in the State Press Club in Washington, the main theme of which was to conceal the NASA images of "Apollo", which depicted the ancient ruins of the moon. Even then, Ken spoke about how his boss at NASA had ordered him to kill these pictures during applets "Apollo." And then he showed the press a couple of those pictures, which, contrary to the order retained. Their shows evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations. But no one, apparently, was not previously the case. And now, when all of a sudden on the various "official" websites of NASA weave the pictures appeared, confirming everything that Johnston had read in 1996, I decided it was time again to submit the voice. Thanks Webu people around the world (including ordinary people, journalists and conscientious scientists from NASA) can quite easily get into the websites of NASA, the names of which we unveiled at nedavneshney press conference, and download these wonderful pictures

We never feared. But we could not achieve that by our statements taken seriously.

Are not you afraid that NASA or the South American government will pursue you? After all, you disclosed classified information.

No. Other informants in the ranks of NASA, which, however, lacks the courage of Ken Johnston to get out to the press over the last year released a great number of those revealing the truth of lunar images on different websites gallakticheskogo agency. This is a photo with good resolution. They confirm everything that Ken Johnston read in 1996. If anyone at the moment I try to shut my mouth or Johnston, it will be only a political proof that we had read 11 years … NASA all the time to hide the real moon

Your outlook on the detected civilization — we are dealing with another modern Atlantis?

I believe that the project "Apollo" confirmed the existence of the old mind-boggling, but still human civilization on the Moon. She was laid down by our forefathers in the creepy to think what the knee. But we were able to publish only a small portion of disk imaging, NASA acquired the old, long lost human civilization, which suggests that people once inhabited the entire solar system. This is confirmed by data acquired from Mars, they are also classified by NASA. You ask whether the moon found the ruins of modern Atlantis? Well, for starters, I think it would be truer to say "old Atlantis." Developed science of the civilization allowed to travel from the Earth to the Moon thousands (or even millions) of years ago and build a structure of a material like glass. This can be judged from published materials.

After all, there is the ancient Egyptian myth of the god of wisdom Thoth, who came down from the moon Tipo and taught human language, writing, architecture, and so on. Confirm the veracity of the theory of civilization on the moon or else refute it can only jointly. You need to go to the moon joint expedition, not enemies. It is necessary to implement the plan, not carried out by Khrushchev and Kennedy.

It is true that Khrushchev evoked the secrets of the moon from Kennedy, who asked him to arrange a joint expedition there? Was based on what this information?

We do not know whether the president shared with Khrushchev guesses about what to expect at first man on the moon 60 years after the so-called Brookings report, in fact, predicted the evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations on the moon. But we do know that soon after the official launch programs from "Apollo" (25 May 1961), one goal of which was called "an attempt to get to the moon Russian Union", the president secretly during the first Vienna Summit did Khrushchev subsequent sentence: "Let Our civilization will fly to the moon together! " The fact that the president for the next year more than once repeated his proposal, supporting documents of white houses are also memories that we quote in the "Black Mission". First, these proposals were heard in secret backroom negotiations, and September 20, 1963 Kennedy spoke of cooperation between U.S. and USSR in the first mission to the moon quite openly. According to Nikita Khrushchev's son Sergei, his father finally accepted a joint mission to the Moon about 12 November 1963. After 10 days, killed Kennedy.

The fact that at some time Kennedy had to share the hidden information with Khrushchev, my own private world. Kennedy probably opened Secretary General that the alien mind quite a number on the moon. As for the other can be explained that the two geopolitical sworn enemy, destroying almost the entire population of the earth in a nuclear war, suddenly agree on a joint expedition to the moon?

In my opinion, to reconcile the rivals could only divide the prospect of scientific and technological achievements of extraterrestrial civilizations, which was on the moon. Make it available to the entire population of the earth. That dream died when the president was destroyed. It came after only a certain number of days after the agreement was made remarkable

There is information that the moon has been found a new method of control over gravity. He has already been tested to work?

In the second chapter of "Black Mission" we are writing about 50 years of research of gravity held including the brilliant Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev. Specifically Russian scientists substantiated that gravity can be done, but if you controlled. I think that part of NASA went to the moon to find evidence of this discovery, specifically Russian scientists. First sample to send a ship to the moon gallaktichesky demonstrate how the Yankees did not have knowledge of particular gravity. This information, but it has a Russian spices.

"To find the moon new technologies spurred an arms race in the world" — what specific developments it is? Is it possible to prevent the spread of these technologies?

About any new developments, found NASA on the moon, we do not consent. This was no question of any "Black Mission", or at the last press conference. We really like to point out that some of the technologies on the moon to find evidence of the highest levels of technical ideas. NASA has had 40 years to recreate all, found on the moon. But really it was reconstituted and used for military purposes — empty rhetoric. To substantiate this is not likely. Prevent the introduction of the moon to find technology for military purposes is only one method: public all!

What is your opinion vserasprostranennomu views, which the Americans have never been to the moon, and the episode of South American astronaut planting simply filmed in the studio?

This is heresy. Based on the confirmation of NASA, which I collected and analyzed 20 years, I can say that this rumor — indeed obmyslennaya military disinformation. It is designed to hide the reality that NASA find on the moon and brought to Earth.

In our recent book, "Black Mission: unknown history of NASA" (Dark Mission: the Secret History of NASA) described the way I acted as a scientific consultant to CBS News news agency in the laboratory of jet engines by NASA during the mission "Apollo 11" . It was July 1969, when the first astronauts to the moon vorachivalis. Based on what our eyes beheld it, I'm sure that the beginning of heresy, "we have never been to the moon," NASA put itself. It was a typical insurance, so no one has ever asked a terrible question: "What NASA found the reality on the Moon?"

I believe that the creation of the "myth of the moon," NASA has provided confidence that he will continue to hide everything related to the "failure" example program to explore the Moon. Hide the fact that the astronauts were given the hidden job to say about all of invaluable old alien designs, models are found there.

In connection with efforts now "race to the moon" naturally a suspicion that your sensational statement just a game scenario dreamed up by the U.S. government?

This is absurd. We have 20 years of struggling with his government for the right to publish the data. If not for other scammers at NASA who have heard our call and began to publish the pictures we have at the moment with you about it not consent.

By the way, I would like to remind you that during the "cool war", after Khrushchev, Russian Alliance sent to the moon rover, who also did the pictures of the old civilization. When we tried to get these photos for careful analysis of my representative in Moscow, almost dragged by the shirt in one of the rooms of the structure of the Academy and assertively asked "no longer is." So information about the existence of ruins of buildings, constructed of extraterrestrial civilizations, and technologies (all of which can be found not only on the moon, and in the other worlds within the solar system), hiding not only NASA and the Russian government. I think that's why Khrushchev understood, can not be so dramatic, but it is the same sad fate as Kennedy. He been less than a year after the assassination of the president. They both opposed the forces opposed to the publication of disk imaging.

In my views, at the moment, George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin a chance to fulfill the dreams of Kennedy and Khrushchev. Make those findings heritage of all of humanity. Let the whole world to experience the true history that awaits us all on the Moon!

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