Humanity lives anticipation of Armageddon

You can not believe in the predictions of the ancient, but the reality starts to really scare. America had just suffered a real catastrophe of Hurricane. On the Canadian border for the storm, and added another earthquake. Venice floods for the second time in 2 weeks.

Muscovites even freezing rain received with suspicion — something is wrong in nature. And nobody laughs at the Mayan Calendar. According to their predictions, the end of an era begins on December 21. Do storms, floods, earthquakes — the harbingers of the apocalypse? Exactly how our civilization will end? "AIF" remembered all cases end of the world and listened to the scientists.

"Duck" flown in from the U.S.

For experts on Mesoamerican civilizations (and Maya were one of them) in their calendar is not strange: it was basically cyclical and consisted of many periods.

Inscription from Tortuguero investigated back in 1970., And no one then it was not interesting, but specialists — says Galina Ershov, Director of the Mesoamerican Center. Knorozov Professor RSUH. — Of course, scientists and did not raise any fuss: the Mayan calendar just been fixed end of one cycle and the beginning of another. "

Moreover, civilizations, quantifiable time cycle, the idea of doomsday alien. Scientists believe that the "apocalypse of the Maya" — an invention of the American tabloid press, focused on fast and scary sensation. And in the U.S., "duck" scattered around the world.

However, some scenarios of global catastrophe, up to the end of civilization, science considers it real. Paradoxically, they are associated with the achievements of science. First of all, these are the risks of nuclear war and sverhtehnology — artificial intelligence, nanotech and biological weapons. According to some futurists, in the current progress of a global catastrophe, created with our own hands, it can happen in the next 10 years.

And about the "Apocalypse 2012" sound and unusual hypothesis. On one of them, said Valery Sary Guzel, Ph.D.: "There is a theory that the Mayan priests mastered ways of moving through time and space and go somewhere far away. These movements are associated with a specific position of the planets, and the optimal date of their return falls precisely on December 21, 2012 Priest reasoned thus: "During our absence, as mankind can die and go a long way in the development, coming out of our control ". As priests possessed of mind control technologies, they created at the collective unconscious of such a program, in which we find ourselves is at the right level it. Thus, the Mayan calendar — not a prediction, and the artificially created program, on which we live. This version is indirectly confirmed by a lot — our indifference to the openness and reform, the general indifference, has reached the limit, etc.

If the spiral of our development has been artificially deformed, soon, free from the constraints, it will be the "spin up". And the accumulated energy of the "kinks" can cause disruption. By the way, to such technologies, which have used Maya, selected and science. "

Who, under the earth, who "plate" …

It is not known what kind of cataclysm awaits us in December, but all are convinced that it is possible to escape from behind the thick walls.

In the U.S., have developed a concept of a network of underground shelters. Bins are located around the cities. It is fully self-contained dwellings, each with a capacity of up to 200 people and $ 10 million Such proposals can be found in Russia. "The cost of construction of shelter for a family of 4-6 people is comparable to the price of foreign car business class" — said on its website that offers "bin in your yard." CEO of the company said that they are seekers, not only in case of an apocalypse-2012, and other disasters — nuclear strikes, terrorist attacks, solar flares, global warming, epidemics.

Former military engineer Eugene Ubiyko built with his own hands "capsule of life" — a module for 4 people, fully sealed, not sinking in the water, "capable of rolling hills and land in any situation." The prototype was built on an abandoned chicken farm in the suburbs. Eugene hoped his idea interested state leaders and start series production of "caps."

A French village Bugarash famous throughout the world as a place where you can escape from the coming end of the world, asking about it … aliens. Lovers of esoteric believe that here, in the belly of the hill, hidden UFO with aliens. December 23, this "Ark" will start and carry their masters in the space provided, and compassionate brothers on reason supposedly willing to take with a everyone who comes near. Around the village has a tent city. So much so, that the mayor calls for help Bugarasha higher authorities and army units. If fiction proves true, then we will see "War of the Worlds" by HG Wells in person.

We eat … mosquitoes and flies?

"You know the most recent anecdote on interesting to you theme? Before the end of the world is left who knows how many days! — Kiev futurologist Sergei Bondarenko intriguing smile. — In general, the Mayan prophecy — is sophomoric compared to the "alternative" doomsday scenario. Well, let's get together to talk.

The plague wiped out nearly half the population of the countries in which outbreaks of epidemics and communicable diseases put humanity at risk for centuries. You and me can not even kill AIDS, although the prevalence of HIV infection and acquired the beginning of XXI century. a pandemic. The main threat — the emergence of strains of superbugs is not curable drugs. What do you want? One of the driving forces behind the emergence of "superbugs" — the use of antibiotics, which they harden. Another important point on the Earth is incredibly multiplied the number of people with weak genes and congenital deformities — modern medicine helps them to survive, natural selection occurs. Gene pool degenerates, we soon will not be able to resist not that difficult — even basic illnesses.

So far we have not gone on medical subjects, I will name one more reason that everyone forgot. Gentlemen, we can disappear due to progressive infertility! It is no secret that the quality, sorry, sperm in men has deteriorated dramatically in recent years — thanks to GMO foods, coffee, obesity, and cell phones. One in four (according to some sources — third!) The couple is unable to conceive a child.

Almost all people in the world consume caffeine daily, nicotine, alcohol, drugs, antidepressants, and supplements that improve mood, increased activity, etc. It is possible that the moment a disastrous people's dependence on stimulants, and then suddenly something happens to one of the main "dope" (eg, aphids mutant sgryzet all crops of tobacco) — and we will start to die without the usual dose of fun. I have been talking about the threat of "false pleasures" — to jump-hook with stimulants until they tell us not proporol neck. Another option — people fail to meet the usual daily dose of stimulants, they will start using them more and more, and die from the behavior of diseases related to the abuse.

And finally, the most fantastic option. If insects were the size of us, they would have survived a long time people from this planet. Ate and destroyed. We were lucky for a long time: in our food and, actually, we did not attack any "invaders mutants." But, given the inability to resist the locust breeding rabbits, etc., to keep in mind such a danger. As soon as the result of mutations in the world will view animals or large insects, which we can not cope with humanity is finished. And such mutations, including air pollution, is not far off. "

"Sun Will fizzle out, and fall Stars"

"End of the world is described in the Gospel and the Apocalypse, — the" AIF "Archpriest Alexis (Gomonov), rector of the Moscow Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in Putinki. — And, as the days of Noah, eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all, just as it was in the days of Lot: they ate, they drank, they planted, they built, but the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it poured from the sky rain fire and brimstone, and destroyed them all, so shall it be in the day when the Lord will appear.

In recent days, the people rise against the enfeeblement of love. And love will disappear because of iniquity. People, faithful to God and His Truth, will conclude in prison, put on trial before the governor. Faithful to God will be brought as parents, brothers, relatives and friends. Many were put to death. Following this will be a disaster on earth and wrath upon this people. And there will be great earthquakes, and the sea will come from banks, and famines, and pestilences, and fearful sights and great signs from heaven. Turn off the sun, stars fall, there was complete darkness. And you hear trumpets angels speeding above the earth on all four sides. The dead will rise from their graves, because everyone will have to witness the Last Judgment. And in the darkness that enveloped the Earth, have conducted the second coming of Christ in the glow of great glory.

And it will be Judgment Day. And the moment a state of mind manifested on the face and body of each person. Some will shine like the sun, the other — with dark traces its vices. These follow in the everlasting, and others — in the kingdom of the Father in heaven.

And all this is inevitable, as once predicted accomplished Noah's flood (sea bottom sediments caused by this phenomenon, the researchers found on the tops of the highest mountains). And there, where there were the cities of Sodom and other similar cities, now lifeless Dead Sea.

No fighting for the environment, for the long life of the people does not lead to eternal life, or the earth itself, or the people on it. Will end. Signs that the process has started, — the depletion of clean soil, air, water. And most importantly — more noticeable disappearance of the pristine purity of the souls of men. But the day of the end of the world as it is written, only God knows. "

Position Vladimir Solovyov — presenter, writer. Give all!

— There is no sense to prepare for the end of the world. Because we do not meet with him. If he comes, we will not have time to figure it out. And if he does not come, what strain?

That's the beauty of the end of the world — that there is no "later." Why not get ready get ready, cover his head with a white sheet and slowly crawl to the cemetery, a swarm of stone bunker under his own garden plot — nothing will not change. In this connection I would like to give advice to Russians: immediately distribute their property — money, possessions, cars and apartments — the neighbors! And the soul of this easier and affordable. And most importantly — in January, do not demand it all back!

Judgment Day the Earth is assigned regularly, but always postponed

Sacred Tradition

  • Predicted that: The greatest interest has always been a Revelation, which describes the disasters (hail and fire, stars falling from the sky, the great earthquake, and so on.) Prior to the Second Coming of Christ. Occult Society "assigned" to the end of the world, 666, 900, 999, 1000, 1492, 1666, 1844, 1900.
  • That was: Under the influence of prophetic people to panic, sell the property, leaving the job. In Russia, in November 1900 the sect "Red Death" staged a mass suicide. Around 100 people were locked in the house and set fire to himself.

Johannes Shtoffer, German astrologer

  • Predicted that: Severe flooding should cover almost the entire land February 20, 1524
  • That was: When in 1524 no cataclysm has happened, a couple of times Shtoffer bore the date of doom, citing possible inaccurate calculations. In the end, his prediction stopped paying attention.

Port Albert, an American meteorologist

  • Predicted that: The death of the Earth as a consequence of the parade of planets December 17, 1919 is estimated Port, from the fact that six of the planets line up in a row, the Sun will begin powerful flash, and our planet will be burned.
  • That was: Subsequently, when the accident happened, Albert Porte admitted his mistake and publicly apologized.

Charles Long, an American priest

  • Predicted that: Another burning Earth. Long called the disaster to the minute — 5.33 am September 21, 1945 Supposedly it was revealed that during this time Earth will evaporate, and the whole of humanity will turn into ectoplasm — a viscous substance. The priest gave his prophecy in the treatise.
  • That was: Long's followers one week before the apocalypse refused food, water and sleep. The number of victims is not known.

"Aum Shinrikyo", a Japanese religious organization

  • Predicted that: The head of the sect Shoko Asahara claimed that Armageddon would happen in 1997, and called on all the faithful to prepare for a new life. In his prophecy, humanity will cease to exist, except for elected — those who can reach the state of "Aum."
  • That was: The sect is actively preparing for the end of the world, she had a clandestine factories producing chemical warfare agents, biological weapons. In March 1995, the followers of Asahara sprayed in the Tokyo subway sarin gas. 12 people were killed and 54 were severely injured. Shoko Asahara was sentenced to death by hanging, has not yet been executed.

The Mayan Calendar

  • Predicted that: In the middle of the twentieth century in the Mexican town of Tortuguero found an inscription on a stone panel, consisting of a complete date. This stone calendar, compiled by the Mayan priests, described 13 large cycles. The last one to be completed December 21, 2012, which caused the assumption of the date of doomsday.
  • What will happen: Wait and see …

The Large Hadron Collider

  • Predicted that: Some experts and community leaders feared that as a result of the experiments at the LHC there a black hole or antimatter, which will destroy the planet.
  • That was: Running several times was moved due to a failure. The plant has already made significant scientific discoveries. Physics calm: The Earth is constantly bombarded by cosmic particles with more energy than the LHC.

Harold Camping, an American preacher

  • Predicted that: In its own interpreting the Bible, "appointed" offensive doomsday on May 21, 2011 Planet expect disaster and destruction.
  • That was: When the prediction does not come true, Camping says that Judgment Day actually come — but not physically, but spiritually. Then moved the date for the next six months. In the 2011 Ig Nobel Prize awarded to the prophet — for "mathematical predictions of doom."

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