Hurricane winds will return to Russia

Over the regions of Central Russia last night hosted a hurricane. In Moscow there were no casualties. Crane truck driver was killed in one of the buildings. And in the Yaroslavl and Leningrad there were massive power outages.
Yaroslavl street Tereshkova. Witnesses said that it all happened in a matter of seconds. The tree could not stand the pressure of the squally wind and crashed right into the street, where at that time drove dozens of cars. Drivers are not affected by a miracle, but their cars will now have to costly repairs.
"Quietly went, suddenly just a tree fell on his head. Called the inspectors do not know what to do, who I will reimburse the damage," — says the driver.

The cyclone hit the Yaroslavl region on the eve of the day and did not stop until late in the evening. Wind gusts reached 18 meters per second. Element poured billboards. Failure occurs more than 350 substations. As a result, 14 of the 19 municipalities were left without electricity.
Emergency crews worked through the night. This hour was able to restore most of the power of social objects — hospitals and schools. On the waiting list of over a hundred settlements, home to nearly two thousand.
Bad weather this past day and terrorized residents of the Leningrad region. Most vulnerable victims Gatchina, Luga and Ladoga areas. Because of the strong wind there also have faults with the light. True, most of the consumers quickly connected to the reserve power supply scheme.
By the cyclone that came from the Barents Sea, has suffered and Moscow. Hurricane winds did not stop until Monday evening. He tore the advertising banners, put up at the sky clouds of dust and sand.
Wind gusts broke crane at the construction site on Bolotnikovskaya street: car flipped, the crane operator was killed. With this weather, work should not have been held to the same at the tap was not nominated special emphasis to improve stability.
Another accident occurred in the east of Moscow, where the wind knocked over a bus stop. As a result, injured man, he is currently in hospital. In the capital, dozens of felled trees. One of them fell on the Marxist street, cutting off trolley wires. On the territory of GITIS tree collapsed on a parked car.
Now the wind has died down considerably in the capital. But forecasters warned that a repetition of yesterday's weather can be expected until the end of the week.


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