I.Survila: People who are now in prison in the first place in our thoughts

On the eve of Freedom Day, chairman of the Belarusian People's Republic Ivonka Survila answered questions from our radio.

Rakytskyy: With what feelings you meet the current Freedom Day?

Survila: A little bit different than in other years. Usually it is a festival of joy, holiday memories of a time when Belarus had the strength and courage to declare their independence and become a free nation. This is usually felt on March 25 Belarusians of the world. This year certainly is the shadow of the events of the 19th of December, when bullied just because of the people who believed in Belarus, believed in our dignity. People who are now in prison, of which bullied — before they are in our thoughts.

Rakytskyy: What can the Council of the Belarusian People's Republic, which could make the Belarusian emigration for those people who are now in prison in the dock? You know that the courts are very strict sentences.

Survila: Of course, we are watching it, it's all we know, and try on

The main topic will be a mockery of the regime against our nation.

to say it around. This Saturday will be a celebration of the 25th of March in Toronto, but the main topic is a mockery of the regime against our nation. We talk about it, think about it and tell the world that the world understand that there is still a tyranny, dictatorship in the most progressive part of the world, and that it should get rid of. For the world to help all those who are struggling.

Rakytskyy: The United States and the European Union have already adopted sanctions against Lukashenka's regime. Do you consider them sufficient?

Survila: I consider them insufficient. I think that sanctions are not leaving a very good, because it may give pause to those who are doing these crimes. But this is not enough. It is necessary that everyone who is involved in trouble December 19, experienced firsthand the sanctions. I am particularly outraged that

It is necessary that everyone who is involved in trouble December 19, experienced firsthand the sanctions.

not punished judges who are on the order zasuzhvats people on so many years of absolutely nothing. This is unacceptable. Also, of course I would like to have financial penalties that will not allow Lukashenko to pay the money it pays to those who help him — in relation to law enforcement agencies and to the nomenclature that works for him.

Rakytskyy: Freedom Day is in spring, when everything wakes up, blossoms. Are still good thoughts and hope you have these days, despite the fact that at home so anxious?

Survila: You know, we always compared our holiday with the revival of nature. Always said that every year since nature is reborn, reborn and Belarus. This situation can not be eternal. Our people are smart, hard-working, decent. It will not always assume that live contentedly on a chain — it's enough. So will listen to just those who are making fun of him. But the time will come when people wish to freedom as do the other nations in the world now. I think it is this time of the year — a period of faith and hope. I hope that this faith and hope will live in the hearts of our people.

Rakytskyy: Let's hope that your words are heard not only by those who celebrate March 25 at large, but also those people for whom this is a very important and valuable holy and are now in prison. What would you say to them?

Survila: I wish them all the best — to keep, not to lose hope. thoughts of the whole world with them, for sure. All of us with them and we hope that will soon see them on the loose. I wish them health above all, to sustain it, courage. Long live Belarus and will live!

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