Ice-free Kola Bay ice cover due to low temperatures

 An area is considered in the waters of the Kola Bay ice began to increase in February, the most ice masses formed in the bays and gulfs, reported in Murmansk weather center.

Last Kola Bay is largely covered with ice in the winter of 2011, remained a free channel for the passage of vessels, as well as now.

"Settled frosty weather caused evaporation and increase the amount of ice on the Kola Bay. Bays in the lips and observed ice thickness of 10-15 cm, the number of 6 to 10 points," — said the meteorologists.

In Tuesday night temperatures in some areas of the Murmansk region fall below minus 30 degrees.

According to the observations of meteorologists in Severomorsk along the quays there solid ice. The average daily temperature in the surface layer in the south of the Kola Bay of plus 1.7 degrees, due to strong evaporation of information on the ice conditions there.

Forecasters predict that in the coming days, the Murmansk region will be under the influence of high atmospheric pressure.

"Expect light winds, sunny. Prevailing temperature — minus 8-15 degrees with clearings — minus 17-25 degrees," — reported in the weather center.

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