Igor Lebedenco: No special feelings for the Saturn did not feel

15.08.10 Igor Lebedenco: No special feelings for the "Saturn" did not feel Sportbox

Igor Lebedenco: No special feelings for the "Saturn" did not feel

Forward "Rostov" Igor Lebedenco after the victory over the "Saturn" (0:2) in a 17 round match of the championship of Russia said the team has now been ahead of the task set by management, and admitted that he has special feelings for ramenchanam with whom when -that was playing.

— We are pleased that we were able to score an early goal, he has added to our confidence — quoted Lebedneko correspondent Sportbox.ru Hope Guschina. — We controlled the game for 90 minutes and earned that victory. Although it is uncertain as it has ended the game, forget it "Saturn" penalty.

— You essentially have to score a goal former team?

— To be honest, special feelings to the "Saturn" I do not feel. In my words there is not an ounce of guile. If now the team had other coaches, and the club was heading the other direction, it would be essential. And since I have nothing to prove.

— For many, was a big surprise that the "Rostov" now occupies a high place.

— Before the season, management placed us the task to get into the top ten. I would not say it's impossible. It is real. Now we have been surpassed by the task.

— Do you think it realistic to "Rostov" wipe the top three winners?

— And why not, and you can wipe. We show quite good football, everything is in our hands.

— When you scored a goal to "Saturn", local fans sang the song "White Swan on the pond." Do you like it?

— Good song, I like it, the fans are great.

— What you swan?

— White. After all black — a symbol of death.

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