IHT: The Soviet vodgulle in Belarus

A metaphor — "Soviet vodgulle" — using today's edition of the International Herald Tribune about what is happening in Belarus after December 19, 2010.

Against the background of harassment of opposition activists in Belarus journalist Michael Shvirts is the fate of Andrew Vilkina, Associate Professor of Physical Education of the Belarusian National Technical University, and chairman of the Federation of Shotokan Karate-Do, who was forced to resign from his job because he and his wife, Svetlana, were arrested on December 19 during the anti-presidential demonstrations in Minsk.

Shvirts emphasizes that Vilkina family had no ties with the opposition and that on December 19 they took part in street demonstrations for the first time.

"You have to be loyal. We've broken this rule and now find themselves out of the game" — International Herald Tribune quoted Andrew Vilkina.

After his arrest, Mr. Vilkin spent Christmas, New Year and celebrated its

You have to be loyal. We've broken this rule and now find themselves out of the game.

52 minutes birthday Zhodino in jail. He told the newspaper that in prison he was sometimes beaten and abused, but he did not mind. He also reported that he had a fellow inmate padkarochvav time playing chess, cobbled together out of bread, until the guard has not found them and threw it away.

The arrest and the loss of a job, obviously changed the look of Mr. Vilkina to reality in Belarus. An article in the International Herald Tribune concludes its such reflection:

"We were born in this country and we really love it. And we believe that it deserves a better living standards and a better development than it is now. To achieve this, we need some change. "

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