IL 22 ACP is back in operation after the upgrade

Flying command post on the basis of IL-22 (the military equivalent of passenger turboprop IL-18) was modernized and returned to action after long-term preservation.

  • IL 22 90786
  • IL 22 90786
  • IL-22 aircraft equipped with new communications equipment, on-board computers for staff officers. In the cockpit, a new equipment GLONASS satellite navigators. The most important change — it radioretransliruyuschaya station transmitting and receiving information in a digital format. Thanks to this station plane became compatible with automated systems of command and control "Dawn", "Metronome", "Constellation-25"


  • In IL-18 long-range flight, and he is able to patrol a long time — "hang" over a given area. In different models of aircraft was used as a scout, a repeater, a command post. In this air car good margin of safety, his life is saved largely due to fewer takeoffs and landings when the aircraft is the greatest load — said Panteleev.
  • Resource of the Il-22 is very large. All parts are fastened rivets airframe and not welded, so the attachment points no signs of fatigue and no corrosion. In Levashovo plane passed all planned course of routine maintenance. In the picture it looks worse for wear, but it is only from the outside. All items are checked in time, the fault is corrected, — said an employee of the design bureau. — Renovated aircraft can serve the Russian Air Force has a minimum 10-15 years

Director of the 20th Aircraft Repair Plant Makaenka Valery, where "returned to life" IL-22, confirmed the "News" that the board with the number "75898 USSR» (RF-90786) was a complete modernization and rehabilitation and is ready for use. To give details about the internal "stuffing" the flying command post, he refused, citing privacy. As well as about what the military department acted as the customer repair the aircraft.

History of the board RF-90786 (USSR-75898)

Released in 1978 at the Moscow plant "Banner of Labor," the aircraft until 1990, was a flying command post of the Soviet Air Force. Instead of planned maintenance of IL-22 was mothballed and placed in storage at the St. Petersburg military airfield Levashovo ..

PS: although the source and the "News", but found traces of work on the board in the annual report for 2012 (

In the calculation of indicators for 2013 adopted a program download the business as at 11.03.2013goda, which will be refined as the conclusion of contracts for the repair of aircraft.

The program includes repairs of AT by the SDO:

e) IL-22M11RT — 1 unit.;

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