Il-76MD-90A finished earlier flight tests

At the airport in the town of Zhukovsky completed flight tests of the modernized Il-76MD-90A.


The crew under the command of the honored test pilot of the Russian Federation, the hero of Russia Nicholas Kuimova made 19 of 22 planned test flights by checking the functioning of all systems of the aircraft ahead of schedule.
Currently, technicians flight test and development base of "IL" is completion of the aircraft in order to prepare it for transmission to carry out further tests the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. At the conclusion of the joint state tests Il-76MD-90A will be assigned letter "O", which gives the right to release the aircraft commercially.

Transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A
Deeply modernized version of the Il-76MD, previously produced at the Tashkent Aviation Production Association named after Chkalov.
Development: "Aviation Complex named after SV Ilyushin, "Russia.
The manufacturer: "Aviastar-SP", Russia.

The first demonstration flight took place on October 4, 2012 in the presence of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. On the same day the contract was signed for the supply batch of aircraft for the Ministry of Defence.
New flight control and navigation system, automatic control system, communications system, and "glass" cabin meet all current requirements for aircraft avionics and significantly increase the safety, accuracy, Navigation and landing. Replacement staff of D-30KP2 a much more modern PS-90A-76, the installation of a modified wing and reinforced chassis greatly enhance the operational capabilities of the aircraft.
"With this aircraft, which we picked up in the air, we really look great prospects for the future," — said General Director of "Aviastar-SP" Sergey Dementiev.

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