Il-76MD-90A launched the first stage of state joint tests

July 12, modernized Russian military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A made a third trip on the program state joint tests of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The first flight took place on July 10 at the airfield LII. Gromov (Zhukovsky).

After completion of the first phase of the ICG, in November of this year the Ministry of Defence of Russia must be approved by an act of pre-trial detention with the release of the initial batch, which gives the right to carry out serial production of aircraft of this modification. The program is the first phase of the ICG is composed of two stages, the first — lapping, the second — estimated.


In May, after the completion of the production test aircraft was handed over on completion. Work on the necessary completion and testing of aircraft systems technician of JSC "Ilyushin" and enterprises developing systems and equipment.

July 5, 2013 the signing of the act of acceptance of the aircraft on the first phase of ICG between the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and JSC "Ilyushin Aviation Complex. SV Ilyushin. "

State tests will be carried out jointly crewed GLITs them. VP Chkalov and JSC "Ilyushin".

The program is the first phase of the ICG includes a comprehensive review of the operation of the aircraft, evaluation of systems and equipment: flight control and navigation system, automatic control system, IFF transponder, radio communication equipment, etc.

Military transport aircraft developed by JSC "Ilyushin Aviation Complex. SV Ilyushin "and is produced at Ulyanovsk aircraft plant" Aviastar-SP ". Currently, the Ulyanovsk aircraft factory "Aviastar-SP" is the production of the first three series Il-76MD-90A, the supply of which the customer is planned in 2014 — 2015. The upgraded version differs from the baseline IL-76 modified the new wing, more powerful engines with a thrust of 16,000 kg, improved fuel system, digital sighting and navigation system, cruise control plane, "glass" cockpit.

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