Il-96-400T for the first time delivered the goods from the United States on the famous Chkalov route

First shipment from the United States brought to Russia by plane Il-96-400T flight took place on the famous "Chkalov" route. Russian ship "Vyacheslav Salikov" airline "flight" delivered from Houston to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk about 40 tons of oil-field equipment, told the Itar-Tass deputy commercial director of the company on the Russian Dmitry Udovichenko region.

The first flight of IL-96-400T in the United States began in Yakutia. Crew commander Peter Mikheev confidently put the car in Anchorage, where the plane is headed to a destination — in the U.S. state of Texas. "Flying over the oceans passed quietly along the route only occasionally look through the water surface of the seas, and then the snow peaks of Alaska," said Udovichenko. All the way from Yakutsk to Houston is 11 hours, he added.

Airline "Flight" — one of the leading freight traffic in the world. However, until recently, large loads transported in the main, including the United States, on liners "Ruslan". Selection of IL-96-400T customer due to the fact that it is the widest side cargo door. "Such openings for loading has no car in the world" — said Udovichenko. Moreover, IL-96-400T can operate in harsh conditions, and "a similar hop is only possible in this type of aircraft." At prevented liner and February frosts, "Yakut frost did not interfere with the aircraft, it can be used at any extreme conditions on earth," said the deputy director. There were no problems with the removal of equipment and in the difficult conditions of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Implementation of the first commercial flight to the United States on IL-96-400T, which operated from 2010, "the company" Flight "headquartered in Voronezh has mastered all the continents except Antarctica," says Udovichenko. In 2012, the car has already been to South America, where it was delivered a few dozen tons of aviation equipment. The aircraft was leased and the famous singer Kylie Minogue for her tour located on the shores of the Pacific and Atlantic countries.

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