Illuminati rule the world, the aliens?

Not so long ago in the U.S., the stores came the book conspiracy theorist David Ike. He studied the Illuminati for decades and believes that the leadership of the Order, his inner circle of old are not made of people, and of the Reptoid aliens who can take human form. In his "Children of matrix" Ike claims to know hundreds of witnesses who saw these beings convert back into reptiles.

He had a lot of followers, and now the Internet can be read, for example, is: "The reason for the presence of breeding and only at the top of the Illuminati families that frequency field of DNA is very close to the field of DNA reptiles from another dimension and compatible with him. Similar frequencies allow reptiles and other entities to take control of the Illuminati body much better than the average person's body … "

Because of what there economic crisis, local and world wars, changing the state ideology and other political turmoil? It happens spontaneously, at random, under the influence of abstract historical laws and solar activity or behind this kind of purposeful powerful force? In recent years become increasingly popular point of view that for the majority of the most important historical events is a series of secret operations, thoroughly conspiratorial societies. And the most influential in this line is the mysterious Order of the Illuminati.

Some conspiracy theorists, based on the Masonic legend, believe that the history of this award should be calculated for a period as much in six years, Ltd. — from the time when there is extraterrestrial, or otherworldly forces have revealed some Sumerian priests Book of Power, written in stone. And after the Sumerians, the legendary book copied on papyri Egyptians and since then kept in the strictest confidence.

Sometimes you can find the claim that this secret order of scientists, keeping the secret knowledge from mere mortals, existed in antiquity, and many well-known and still the pillars of ancient wisdom included in its ranks.

As close or even identical Illuminati society, experts say, and she called on Philadelphia. Then, with short work royal knight Guillot de Nogaret, well known for his defeat of the Knights Templar. XVII century Philadelphia reappeared in England, and after a century — in France, but there is already a name appropriated one of the lodges …


In the second half of the XVIII century. the historic scene came Weisshaupt Illuminati. By the way, the academic history prefers to reduce the whole epic of the Illuminati in the activities of this particular Bavarian Order.

The first converts were taken in this order 1 May 1776. Originally, the Order included only five people, but three years later he had four branches in the Bavarian town. By mid-1782 the Order numbered about 300, and still later
two years — more than 650 people. By the time the Illuminati had their offices in a number of German states, as well as in Poland, Austria-Hungary, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France and Russia.

The whole top of the Order wore sounding nicknames. Weisshaupt nicknamed Spartacus himself, Baron Knigge — Philo, Professor Vestenrider was known among the initiated as Pythagoras, bookseller Nicolai as Lucian, Canon Hertel as Marius, and Solicitor Tsvakk as Cato.

If Adam Weisshaupt preferred to recruit into the Order of the most gifted young men from among their students, the Baron Knigge was hunted mainly nobles, scientists and noble people. He managed to draw in a large number of the Order of influential people and to awaken in them the most ardent hopes for the reform of the then dominant political system. Thanks to Baron Knigge among Bavarian Illuminati included Duke Ernest II Gotha, Duke of Weimar, Karl August, Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick, Prince of Neuwied, a number of Gottingen professors and even the world-famous educator Pestalozzi. In the end, the number of orders has reached almost 2 OOO people.

However, in 1784 — 86 years. Bavarian Illuminati have been defeated. Elector issued a decree banning all activities of secret societies. Freemasons and the Illuminati immediately closed their churches. And then the police came into play. A search of the houses of the Order of the leaders found many very curious paper. In particular, we found out that the Illuminati secretly financed … Rothschilds!

According to one version, the Illuminati appeared in the Middle Ages — a secret scientific and educational society fighting against persecution by the Inquisition. In a cohort of these fighters were Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo, Copernicus, and even Isaac Newton.

I must say that in the history of the Illuminati at all suspiciously often intertwined with the fate of the powerful. And here, it seems, the fun begins …

Any way can not be so much work for men, but by the women, — said the head of the Bavarian Illuminati Weisshaupt. — Therefore, they should be the subject of our main study. We need to get them a good view, they allude to an exemption from subjection to public opinion, the possibility of autonomy, free from all constraint will be a great relief to their enslaved mind, further inflame them and force them to us with diligence. "

The list of the thirteen most powerful Illuminati families are Astor, Bundy, Collins, Dupont, Frimeky, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, the Russells, Van Duino and Me-roving. Under the Merovingians is taken to represent all European royal families. With ztoy top four closely related families: Reynolds, Disney, Groat and MacDonalds. Itself, the main konspnrologi usually consider the Rothschild family, are so-called RT — Rothschild Tribunal. Illuminati supposedly see them as gods in human form, and their word is law. Figures of modern political Olympus press mentions as the Illuminati David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, Helmut Kohl, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice.

Working under the auspices of another Bush Vopfovits Paul, apparently, is currently the most powerful link between the U.S. administration and the inner circles of the Illuminati. It is easy to see that among the Illuminati is dominated by the Americans. Who should we be surprised? Many conspiracy theorists claim that the very formation of the United States was the work of the Illuminati, who directs the actions of prominent Americans age of struggle for independence and statehood U.S..

The word "Illuminati" is Latin for "enlightenment." Currently alleged Internet journalist, hiding under the pseudonym Wes Penrith, they are a very elite club secretly woven together financial oligarchs. Being carefully distributed in a hierarchical manner, they control the power, as a true "puppet masters" in all relevant areas of social and political life. This detail-designed organization. It includes people who hold very senior positions. They are extremely rich and above the law states. Recently, these people prefer to call their organization "Victorious Wind Morayi."

Most of today's Illuminati belong to one of the thirteen wealthiest families of the planet, and they are the ones who rule the world from behind the scenes. They — the "black nobility," those who make the decisions, who wrote the rules for presidents and governments. Their lineage goes back to the depths of time, and they carefully preserve the purity of their blood. Their power is based on secret knowledge and economic power. Illuminati owned international banks, the oil business, the most powerful production and trade organizations. Their people flooded the political structures and bought most governments.

Many interesting things can be seen on American banknotes of a dollar. Not only that it can see the pyramid with the all-seeing eye, a symbol of the Illuminati and the Freemasons, so even at its base emblazoned inscription "MDCCLXXVI". This is actually a Latin numbers, the Arab equivalent of 1776. It was in that year Adam Weisshaupt founded the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati. And in the semicircle under the pyramid is an inscription in Latin «Novus ordo seclorum», which translates as "New World Order."


The ultimate goal of the Illuminati is to create a One World Government and New World Order. In this, they are extremely close to the influential US-British secret society, "Committee of 300", which is likely to be considered as part of a larger system of the Illuminati. In the same way, obviously, must perceive and conspiratorial Masonic elite, as well as under the control of the Merovingians "Priory of Sion."

Illuminati for centuries made their secret societies and affiliated organizations, as well as entire political currents. Among which, presumably, were the Bavarian Illuminati Adam Weisshaupt, and Philadelphia, and the Freemasons, Communists, and Fascists. Time after time, they managed to change the power in the states, pitting nations in bloody wars, and again extracting profit from this and moving to the final goal.

To achieve their ultimate goals of the Illuminati are now among his priorities put the following: taking control of the foreign and domestic policy of the USA, the complete destruction of the national identity and national pride in the world, the destruction of religion, and especially Christianity, while simultaneously promoting the spread religious extremism, creating a general crisis in the global economy and the generation of an overall political chaos, the introduction of subversive agents in all governments and conducting activities aimed at the destruction of the sovereign integrity of the inside of these governments.

Illuminati rule the world, the aliens?

And here is the 500 Ukrainian hryvnia — eye again?

Victor Bumagina

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