In 2013, the world will come heaven?

While the world waits for the end of the horror world, the former presidential candidate Kyrgyzstan Arstan Alai Abdyldaev calms public predictions about what the next year humanity will "sink into heaven." According to the policy, information about this he got "out of space", and it is supported by some of the events that are happening now.

Abdyldaev a leader of the organization "National Academy", he was widely known for spoken at last year's press conference, the phrase: "Winter is not" as well as the statement that Kyrgyzstan is the energetic core of the Earth. True, later ex-presidential candidate, said that the presence misinterpreted his statement about the winter — it meant that mankind must first banish the winter of the soul: "The human soul must change." However, last November and December in Kyrgyzstan really was abnormally warm.

Heat will be in the country and this winter, predicts Abdyldaev. "Winter in nature was not — it is broadcast. — Red human blood — the consequences of commitment to harmony of yin-yang and get pleasure from it, which caused the onset of winter and the rule of hellish life."

The head of the "People's Academy," calls himself a prophet, and "after." He promises that, after receiving new information from space, write a new holy book, which will replace the Muslim peoples of the Koran. "The contents of the Quran powers that have altered to fit your needs — believes the public figure. — They use it misrepresentation to divide and rule."

One allegedly received Abdyldaeva on higher powers of revelation says that in the next, in 2013 we will have to "dive into paradise." Signs of the arrival of "paradise" can be seen today. "This year was no locusts. This is a sign of the coming of Paradise" — says "ambassador."

"After 2013, humanity will create countless miracles — he promises. — A man will talk to each body and reveal the secret of his physical body. Human body begins to function in different forms and different systems. At the same time, the new psychology of human will to freedom and nature. Nature comes to life, is not of the desert with no water, no place without mountains. glowing from the earth's core will be based on the fire. Globe will turn into a green paradise fairy. "

Apparently, Abdyldaev still has in mind the global warming that is likely to have already begun. Other esoteric refer to this phenomenon is not so optimistic. For example, the sect Palladino, dating back to the Middle Ages, identifies with the "heat of Hell 'coming to earth the Antichrist, which will lead to the Apocalypse. When it will happen is not clear, first sectarians predicted it at the end of the last century, then — for this year, it is now the second in 2017.

According to professor of geology at Princeton University David Medvigi observed in recent abrupt changes of weather, which is covered by at least one third of the globe, making a mess in the global climate. Hot and dry weather without any transition, followed by the cold and rain. And in some regions began to dominate one of the types of extreme weather, and there is an increasing number of hot or rainy days. As a result, changing the distribution of the land of heat and rain, the plants begin to absorb smaller amounts of carbon dioxide, which leads to increased greenhouse effect. Since atmospheric heat diverges from the equator to the poles, instability temperature immediately affects the global climate.

Experts predict that by the end of this century, rainfall in the world will become more frequent and often are accompanied by devastating hurricanes and the equatorial regions will be exposed to severe drought. Some of the above will be populated regions uninhabitable as a result of various cataclysms happen disappearance of individual species. In a sense, this is the Apocalypse …

In fact, I think, a paradise, and end svetatozhe we do not shine, at least in the near future. While it is possible that due to the climatic and environmental upheavals of humanity will not be easy.

Margarita Trinity

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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