In 2029, the Earth is likely to face large asteroid and subsequent crash

The site NASA published an article about the newly discovered asteroid, called Asteroid 2004 MN4. Celestial body is extremely dangerous for the Earth: the chance of collision of the planet with this asteroid is 1:60.

Newspaper La Stampa In his article calls the asteroid "the most dangerous ever studied" (translation online

NASA asteroid experts evaluated at 4 points on a 10-point scale, Torino. This scale was adopted in 1999 at a scientific congress in Turin. It allows you to determine the severity of an asteroid whose orbit passes near the Earth's orbit. In a scale of 10 degrees, ranging from 0 (no risk) to 10 (collision, which can lead to global catastrophe). Previously, none of the known asteroids never given more than 1 point.

Possible encounter is April 13, 2029. However, the scientists point out that even before this date will be studied in detail, the asteroid, and the trajectory of its motion was investigated in detail that might help avoid disaster.

Definitive conclusions can be drawn from the testimony of the radar, which will determine the velocity of the asteroid with an accuracy of a few millimeters per second, and its distance to within a few tens of meters. The data obtained quite accurately determine the orbit of the space object.

In a collision with the Earth speed of the celestial body of about 45,000 miles per hour. A falling Asteroid 2004 MN4 in the ocean in coastal areas fall huge tsunami that will be even more devastating than the one that struck the coast and islands of the Indian Ocean.

On impact with a hard surface of the Earth is formed crater, 4 km, and the release of energy is about 1600 megatons. Such an explosion is about 100 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima by the Americans.

The asteroid has a length of about 400 meters and revolves around the Sun in almost the same plane as the Earth, making one rotation every 323 Earth days. Twice a year, the asteroid crosses Earth's orbit.

Asteroid 2004 MN4 will be seen in the sky in the next few months, so ground-based observatories instructed to include it in the list of observed celestial bodies.

It is likely that this kind of alarm will sound in the future much more often due to the fact that at the disposal of scientists will be better tools that will detect an increasing number of asteroids in the vicinity of the Earth. If the danger is real, a quarter-century mankind will certainly be able to refuse these heavenly bodies and eliminate a huge risk, concludes La Stampa.

In 2014, the Earth may encounter with an asteroid, sposobnymunichtozhit all living on the same continent

Earlier it was reported that in 2014, the Earth can affect a fairly large asteroid. It is 10 times smaller than that allegedly caused the death of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, but could destroy all life on one of the continents.

Warning of the potential danger of collision was the State of the UK for the study of near space in September last year. His report said that U.S. astronomers have tracked the trajectory of the asteroid, which is March 21, 2014 could hit Earth.

Chances are, as usual, are small: only 1 in 909,000. Since the trajectory of the asteroid taken under observation. It in itself is of great interest, given the very high speed (about 35 km per second) and the rather big size — about a kilometer in diameter.

Asteroid that could potentially destroy at least one of the continents, if his path intersects with the Earth's orbit, received code word 2003 QQ 47.

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