In a network, a new Belarusian-German Literature Bridge

On Thursday evening at the cultural heart of Berlin Kulturbrauerei ("cultural brewery") the presentation of the new German Internet portal, dedicated to the Belarusian literature, translations and translators of the Belarusian language to German.

In the Hall of the Literary Workshop "Culture Brewery" has gathered about fifty students — both young Belarusian and German, as well as lovers of literature pavazhneyshaga age.

Belarusian literature, despite a long tradition of translation times "Peoples' Friendship — Friendship literatures", today is a little-known German reader. Presentations were made on the metaphorical expression of the Belarusian literature in Germany, "a white square on a white background", "blank spot in our literary space." Website and was created to fill that blank spot.

The idea originated in the portal translator Thomas Weiler, who, along with friends created a society Probabel, the name of which can be raschytanaya a variety of ways: probabel (probable), pro Babel (Babylon for), Proba Bel (Bel sample (ATM)). Literary portal literabel (Here, too, is heard and the letter, and literature, and literary worth something, and Belarus) — the first project of society.

An important difference between the present situation and the time of transfer of the "old wave" (60-80-ies of the last century) is that a new generation of translators that translate directly to the Belarusian language, without the mediation of Russian, as was the case with the majority of previous translations. Of his colleagues, Thomas Weiler says:

He opened the book readings youngest of the participants in the evening Writer Sergei Kalenda, author of two books, which ends this month, six-month stay on the literary scholarship in Weimar. He read excerpts from the not yet published work "generation of chips and candy wrappers," which re-creates the German language teacher and translator Andre Boehm.

Sergei Kalenda

Andre Boehm

Andre Boehm "sick" in Belarus has long been subject. Belarusian language and literature has been professionally — presents them in Oldenburgu University in the north of Germany and wrote his doctorate on the modern Belarusian novel.

Sergei Calends replaced on stage Dmitry Vishnev — artist, publisher and writer, founder of the publishing house "Goliaths." He acquainted the audience with the fragments of the novel "The castle is built from a nettle", which translated into German Martin Jacobson.

Dmitry Vishnev

Vladimir Orlov In the "Cultural Performances" was present in absentia — he could not attend the celebration, and his poems were heard in the audio. German language translated their Katarina Narbutovich.

The last member of the readings was Algirdas Baharevich, which continues a series of meetings with German readers on the occasion of the German-his novel "The Magpie on the gallows" — presentation of the book have already been held in Berlin, Passau, Leipzig and Dresden, in front — a meeting with readers in Bremen and Dusseldorf. At a party in the "Culture Brewery" but the author decided to introduce the audience to a further text — translation "Afterword" to the book by Wilhelm Hauff "Cold Heart", which is now re-create in German translator "Magpies" Thomas Weiler.

"The cultural brewery" — great cultural and artistic complex in Bergisch Prentslyaver vskhodneberlinskim area, consisting of one and half a dozen buildings of the former distillery — where every day there are various cultural and artistic events — concerts, workshops, exhibitions and presentations.

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