In Aktobe region of Kazakhstan fireball flew into the house

In one of the houses in the Aktobe region Kandyagash flew fireball. Ball of fire for a time was in the air, and then disappeared.

The evening of 29 August Kandyagash was heavy rain with thunder. The mistress of a private house on the street Seifullin saw in the room luminous ball the size of a child's ball. The ball as it rolled through the open window, and hung in the space around the working computer. "I was in shock. Immediately turn off all electrical appliances. Well, his son was not at home, he always sits near the computer. The next day I baked the bread and spread seven neighbors, as we like to, "- said the woman.

Thunderball — a rare natural phenomenon that usually appears in stormy weather, along with the usual lightning, but it also happens in the sun. Most often it is a natural phenomenon is generated by conventional lightning, in rare cases, suddenly appears in the air.

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