In all catastrophes on Earth to blame black holes

Military Warning: Do not shoot down the UFOs, there may be your great-grandchildren

Physicists are increasingly saying: open science — minuscule, which incorrectly interprets the world around us. In response to those of biologists and geophysicists, who decided to move away from dogma, timidly ask: you may be right, but how else?

The shells of terror

When, in January 2001, British scientists have begun to experiment to create black holes in the lab (!), None of the ear does not lead amateurs. Eco business, another to deceive the people. Black-hole is formed when a star explodes — its mass is compressed in "supermassive" eliminate the light and having a terrible density, through which hole draws huge objects beside her. Blow up, for example, the sun, our system will shrink to the size of Moscow, but will suck the planet a thousand times larger than Jupiter.

Who can this create? And why? But Professor Ulf Leonhardt, a group of British physicists at the University of St. Andrews thinks otherwise. He will not create colossus galactic black hole, it is a miserable hole — Oton. By the Well officially announced that his creation — only the desire to develop a theory of quantum gravity. Everything calmed down — simple people such theories "on the drum."

No one sees that one of the textbooks Space Academy of the Russian Federation (the institution to prepare generals Space Forces — approx. AP) contains "Course No. 4" — "for the military HH1 century," as they say in the abstract . Course Outline — the physics of black holes, the space-time of Otho, volcanoes and Otho, otons and catastrophe on Earth, black holes and mysterious events. And very briefly — about the possible establishment of Otho weapons.

But … "For half a century, the atomic age mankind accustomed to balance on the edge of the nuclear abyss, — wrote in one of his works, PhD, of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus Alexander Trofimenko. — But there is in the world energy terrifying power. Name it — the black hole the size of a hole … nucleus (the same Otho — approx. AP) — the energy, superior to any power plant. Otho Blast bomb — the explosion of a million atomic bombs gigasmert, death of a billion people. "

Oton weight by 40 orders of magnitude higher than the mass of the atom. Nuclear fission energy (E) equals mass times the speed of light squared (E = mc2). And if the mass of the atom — one, the weight oton — 1H1040. Substitute these values into the formula and compare nuclear energy with Oton …
When a person learns to manage Otho, as atoms, it creates Otho bombs and power plants, in practice, make sure that there are no aliens and humans, living and dead, and the anti-worlds — there is a single "space of time."

However, prior to the beginning of the era of Otho far — 50-60 years.

Great seers

Physicists do not hurry to share the concept of black holes and Otho, although their existence is proved, and the effect on things hugely. But for us, not to be confused, it is better to separate these categories. We agree to: a black hole — it's a great "anti-world." Otho — small piece of it, something like "anti-world of the atom," or "tiny antimirka."
The existence of black holes, first said Einstein. The concept of a "hole" in 1959 introduced a Soviet physicist Mikhail Shirokov. And the name "Otho" — from reducing "the general theory of relativity" — made in 1971 by Soviet Academician Yakov Zeldovich. But if there Otho worlds, there are white holes in them.

In other words, just a plus in nature is less: women and men, atoms and Otho, and the anti-worlds. If we are used to in the universe can fall into a black hole, the "antivselennoy" you can get to the white hole and end up in our world!

It turns out that to get to the Galaxy 2-3 million light-years from the starting ship is not straying long. Enough to fly into the nearest black hole (from the Earth to the black hole Hades the speed of light to fly at least 5 years), to find there a white hole, and fly out of it. Knowing the properties of holes in 10 years (!) Astronauts "steered" anywhere — in the constellation Lyra (2,100 light years) or in the Andromeda Galaxy (2.2 million light-years). Transit through the hole you can get even in their home solar system, for example — on the Earth for millions of years before Christ, or a million after! In this regard, a request to the military: do not shoot down the UFOs — there may be your great-grandchildren.

By the way, we just seen a UFO plates. Visual illusion. Hole — it's nothing, surrounded by something. Black holes do not reflect light, their outlines can be seen just by looking just above and to the side — they seem of cup (Pierce sheet of paper and take a look at the hole.) The spacecraft of any configuration, flying out of the "saucer" seems the same … Mystic — and UFO hovering over us. We see only the time of departure "aliens" from the "hole of time and space" — a moment that we and our cameras and camera can last forever …

Crematorium immortality

But if the talk about the romance of space holes admissible, their smallest "relatives" in the world — people are far otons continuous trouble. In January 1999, in the elevator of a building in Minsk burned young man. With neither walls nor ceiling is not even covered with soot. In summer 2002, a similar human spontaneous combustion occurred in the market in Bombay.

In Russia alone, every couple of years are marked as strange cases! In Moscow, in a house on the street Novopeschanaya 19/07/1994, were found three charred corpse. The fire did not touch any furniture or flooring. Soon, 14.04.1995g. Street Ostrovityanova flames erupted Alexander Shlyadinsky. Not far from the city Kamyshin 11/11/1990 shepherd found the body of Yuri Mamaev — the deceased inexplicably burned abdomen. The fire burned inside, charred skin, but the clothes … remained intact. In the same 90-m on the operating table Hospital of Los Angeles to the dismay of doctors, flaring, burned alive

26-year-old Angela Ernavdes. In just one year in the U.S. there were three such cases in England and the Czech Republic — two in India and China — the five.

Fundamental changes in the statistics of "human crematoria" next ten years have made — from spontaneous combustion in an average year in the world die of 15-20 people.

It must be added, and the fact that doctors can not explain every tenth of a person's death. "He died of old age" of 60 years. "He died of shock" in mild stress. "He died of sunstroke," in the shadows. Such "resume" are known to many, and now we realize that in fact the person was killed by oton "on the decline", which had energy enough to create a fire inside the body, but the excess of killing the organism.

In this case, nothing new in the spontaneous combustion of people do not. Mention them philosophers of ancient Greece and monks in the Middle Ages. Explored the subject by Charles Dickens. Work "On the spontaneous combustion of the human body," published in 1851 von Liebig, the famous chemist. Today, the phenomenon of fire classified, write about it often. Although in 1991 the then PhD Alexander Trofimenko said the loss of life of Otho, flying from space or from the bowels of the planet.

Over time, there is another version — otons is not only the sun, the earth, but also within each of us. The bombing of the "personal" oton person "outside" and causes a thermal explosion. Moreover, the energy is not released, but absorbed, forming a "flame combustion."

Try to combine science with esoteric. Do not think we oton human soul? Know, we are all made up of atoms and molecules. We die, they disintegrate. What's left? That, in view of believers going up to heaven? Soul? She has not been seen. No one has seen and Oton. Did not he keeps the memory of a man of his past lives, albeit shaky? One life, two, a hundred — as if a black hole of space, it is compacted, gaining more and more spiritual weight. According to Hinduism and Buddhism, a person is reborn again and again. But once he finally dies. When? How? It seems like that — firing up the flame inside.

Energy dungeon

Eighteen months ago the volcano Etna. No one imagined that giant speak only a year after stopped. Unpredictable eruptions and five hundred of his colleagues on the planet. For this reason, volcanologists eternal curse — why they do not know about the time of awakening volcanoes. A volcanologists together with geologists and physicists can not understand much more simple thing — why volcanoes exist at all? What power keeps the land dotted with enormous heat energy? Why tremendous heat — against the laws of physics — collects in one place, not spread wider, as it should be according to our ideas, and bursts into our world, sometimes destroying nations and continents?

The most devastating was the explosion of the volcano Krakatoa is located on an island in the Indonesian archipelago, August 27, 1883. The energy of the explosion was 30,000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb. Killing all life on the islands within a radius of 20 km. Tsunami covered villages in a radius of 800 km. Complete darkness fell on the regions until the end of the eruption — February 20, 1884. Distinctly heard the roar of Madagascar (5,000 km), the voice of the volcano came to the United States. Caused by volcanic dust sunsets, blue sun and moon bright green for a long time watching the residents of Chicago, Paris, Gothenburg.

In the twentieth century, it was proved that in 1400 BC eruption of Santorini between Greece and Crete was a powerful eruption of Krakatoa. Biblical story "The darkness of Egypt" — "there was darkness over the land of Egypt three days not see each other, no one got out of place" — of those days. Santorinsky ash deposits found in the soil of Asia Minor and Africa. Outcome riot Santorini — death of Cretan-Mycenaean culture, the destruction of Atlantis.

Why such a force? Cambridge Professor Stephen Hokking since 1971 repeats: half of the energy of the sun — the black hole inside. Physicists have long understood: not only the atomic energy law to our star. And not because of the sun one alive planet — holes in each of them. On Jupiter, Venus. And in the world. Like nuclear, Otho reactions contribute to the development of the universe and the planets. Thanks Otho have microorganisms on Europa, a moon of Jupiter. Thanks to them, not just solar energy, originated and developed our life. But Otho, performing a positive role, and a lot of people ask riddles, being today the main suppliers of misfortunes and disasters to mankind.

Meanwhile we continue to be "partially sighted." On the one hand, we see the result of underground power stations Otho — volcanoes. On the other, the abnormal area with underground energy is not bound.
Earth Is the devil in the Bermuda Triangle only to sink the ship and killing people?

Anomalous zones, the total victims number in the thousands each year souls are in all corners of the Earth. And the names they are given appropriate.

In the gorge of the Black Bamboo (Sichuan, China) in July 1950, vanished without a trace 108. In August 53rd functioning plane crashed. In April the 62 th lost geologists. I think that people are dying because of fumes poisonous plants. It turned out, the plane is also inhaled gas. Be that as it may, there is so poisonous fumes and found, and people continue to disappear.

Swamp Devil (Soligorsk, Belarus) is remarkable in that periodically draws not only becoming a swamp, but also those who came up to him at a distance of several hundred meters. Marsh attracts people like a magnet piece of metal — like the suction effect of bodies of black hole.

Cholate Sjahyl translated from Mansi — Mountain Dead (Northern Urals,
Russian). First official she spoke of himself in February 1959, when it killed nine students of the Ural Polytechnic. The skin of their bodies had a reddish tint, and pathologists have found in their bodies internal injuries and bleeding. In the West, even a version that the USSR had tested the vacuum bomb. But since then, every 3-4 years on the Hill are dead bodies with similar injuries.

In the mountains there Chanbayshanskih Valley Green Death (Jilin Province, China). There is crazy compass, missing people, not amateurs, tourists, and those who know the forest hunters ginseng. The valley regularly killed aircraft. Just as badly and place in Kronotsky Nature Reserve on Kamchatka. For the abundance of hills from the bones in large numbers of animals dying suddenly is nicknamed Cemetery snow. Yes, if the solution is found to Kamchatka — the cause of death of birds, bears, and people occasionally throw out the crevices of cyanide gas. But the gas — not the end of explanation.

There are places on the earth's surface less disastrous, but so abnormal. By themselves, move boulders on a flat surface of the plateau of horror in California. Roll up (!) Rocks on Mount Baldy in the foothills of Jaman Alatau (border of Russia and Kazakhstan). Was shifted from place granite boulder in Essex (England) immediately called something like a long storm.

Thrown into the lake at the end of 1 century multi-ton Blue-stone in the village near Gorodischi Pereslavl Zaleski in half a century, not only out of the water, but got back on. Equally puzzling — up! — Move the stones on the hill of the flame (the city of Bacau, Romania). Everything else, as the name suggests, on top of hills from time to time there is a mysterious blue "flame" — cold glow.

Modern science can not answer the question "why?" All of these conditions. But it is necessary to assume that the Earth is in Otho, producing energy and "multidrop" slopped it on the surface, as a single explanation for all the anomalies can be easily found.

Sinister air show
In October 2002, over the town of Albany, New York, was seen a UFO — the object was possible to remove the operator of American television "Fox News", to be there to prepare a report about the weather forecast. Time to give shots on television. Moreover, they are spread all over the world (and they were shown in the "News" PTP).

The object looked like a thick arrow with four white tabs on each side. He was moving at high speed and does not reflect light. Since the radar detected nothing, experts agree: there are extraterrestrial craft. Soon became interested in film and FBI officials Aerospace Agency (NASA) managed to avoid the noise in the media, and therefore the tricky questions. But the big buzz was about the terrible tragedy in Ukraine — July 27, 2002 at an air show in Lviv, the Su-27 crashed at the audience, killing 83 people. There were 7 versions of what happened. None of them was not confirmed. Experienced pilots functioning plane, no runtime errors aerobatic figures … The high commission categorically did not want to analyze captured on camera one of the companies of the local cable network, and then shown on Russian TV (I'm afraid to make a mistake — whether NTV, or FA). On the Ground in planes making a turn, promptly crashed "something" glowing — as if someone in the crowd shot pistol.

Passenger "747", en route from New York to Paris, exploded July 17, 1997 in the skies over Long Island, on the Atlantic coast of the United States.
One hundred and fifty witnesses confirmed that a moment before the explosion of the liner extends glowing trail like a rocket crashed.

Got a video camera and the moment of impact on the pride oton American aircraft — fighters "Stealth" at air shows in Baltimore (Maryland, USA) September 14, 1997. All the same: a luminous line (point reaching is Otho, when heated by the friction of light by atoms around a black hole), WinCE aircraft (at impact) and catastrophe.

Increasingly, the voices of those Russian scientists and NASA, who believe that Otho bombs have killed aircraft's first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin (27 March 1968), the "crown prince" of America, the son of the 35th U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. (16 July 1999) and the Russian journalist Artyom Borovik (9 March 2001).

Fallen Sun

The same luminous trail, only giant size, the same powerful explosion and no material trace of the object that came to Earth — that is the brief history of the story of the Tunguska meteorite. This miracle explore, write about it endlessly. And it feels like a very basic question like how no one cares about — where stone-is at least a piece of it was to stay, if it was a meteorite, or what?

At 7 hours 17 minutes, the East Siberian-time June 30, 1908 a giant fireball eclipsed Sun and closed most of the sky from the living across Siberia and the Russian Primorye. Soon eerie rumbling shook the Western Siberia. Heat wave scorched trees in the basin of the Lower Tunguska (Irkutsk region). People felt the shock wave of the British Isles! Disappeared for three days night for the people of China, Japan, Mongolia, Eastern European countries — green and pink rays penetrated even through dense clouds. Other disasters that occurred after the explosion, and there is no reason to describe the place.

First version of the cosmic black hole in Tunguska nominated American scientists Jackson and Ryan in the journal "Nature" in 1973. The article was titled "Was the Tunguska event is caused by a black hole?". A little later, the idea was picked up, and now it is the main. Would be the only and final, if only on black holes we knew more. So far, it is clear that in 1908 the inhabitants of Siberia observed unique phenomenon — falling to Earth moribund and exploding black holes. Usually space otons pierce right through the planet and usually painless for us to go into space.

Coffin iceberg

Unfortunately, terrestrial Otho is enough to cause people to a terrible amount of trouble. They create gravitational fields cause tornadoes and tsunamis, landslides and floods. Most of them are terrible, but there are funny stories.

As is well known, the strong vortices can be transported long distances not only sand, but larger ones. Only the presence of the remaining fields can be explained by Otho long stay in heaven — up to six months — a variety of eatables and larger objects, which then fall on citizens in other parts of the world. Thus, the biblical story of the manna might well appear after the event, the likes of which occurred in Spain in 1804. It rained from the sky wheat — a month before the tornado destroyed barns in Morocco Spanish troops.

In India and Australia rybopady become so common, that reports of showers of rain cod and sardines, local newspapers published extremely reluctant — nothing interesting routine. In 1930, villagers in the mountains of the Rhine (Germany) watched in horror as one by one they fell seven blocks of ice. What was the astonishment of the villagers when a large sheet of ice in six cases, they found the ordinary people in the clothes, and the seventh "heavenly iceberg" was … coffin with a frozen corpse!

The trajectory of death

Academician Yakov Zeldovich once said: "Everything that can not be explained, to blame the black hole." Since then, no one dares to determine what was eh joke or a serious scientific statement. In any case, very often otons inappropriately taken out of the Earth's interior.

It happened April 26, 1986 in Chernobyl. The glow of the station before the explosion, and then — an underground buzz and local seismic shaking, as well as the specifics of the base of the fourth unit gap suggests that the cause of the Chernobyl disaster — Otho, escaped from the Earth. Geophysics this version described in detail a senior fellow of the Joint Institute of Physics of the Earth Eugene Barkovsky.

Otho, apparently, was the cause of death and the high-speed train "Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen" — unique creation by German engineers, modern, comfortable and highly reliable. The last leg of the route from Munich to Hamburg was held June 3, 1998 on the direct flat land at a speed of 220 kilometers per hour — usually on the way. The first three cars raced under the road bridge and suddenly a mysterious force tore fourth car — he jumped, hitting the top of the bridge … 100 dead, 300 wounded. In the country — national mourning. Causes of the tragedy Germans have found. Indeed, three of the car drove well, what force made four jump?

And what force made August 30, 1997 car, which was traveling Lady Diana, pull off the lane and crashed into the support of the underground tunnel in the center of Paris? "Witnesses say that in the instant before the crash in the tunnel saw a bright flash of light, — wrote in his book" Black Holes against humanity "Doctor of Sciences Alexander Trofimenko. — It is said that the last words of Lady Di was" fire. "Probably was caused by a flash of light in the tunnel traversing the black hole, which has had the car a short-term (of a second), but a strong physical impact. "

… Perhaps, over time, the mastery of the energy of black holes will open up the prospect of enormous humanity and power. But while we are much closer to Otho apocalypse. And only one of the guards can be only our knowledge of the harmful nature of black holes.

Alex Perfiliev

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