In Birobidzhan district hail destroyed all landing

Grad.  Photo: only-most.ruPeter Kochmar long wanted to quit. His dream, he made several months ago. But in recent days, do not let go of a cigarette. Such stress farmer had never experienced. Hard work and a huge investment in the spring field work in vain. Cereals, pulses, potatoes, flowering fields overnight turned into a swamp. "There is already June and pereseivat and transplant potatoes does not make sense. Yeah it does not grow. Must have been just a week to go to the market. Just soybeans and corn ear to quit. Destroyed everything," — says the manager KFH "Larikov" Peter Kochmar .

A similar fate befell most of the surrounding fields. Elements such revelry Oak residents have not seen. For a whole hour in the homes of people fleeing from the hail. After the storm died down, immediately went to see the crops.

Storm clouds have appeared in 17 hours. The rain, accompanied by strong winds, and then began to fall from the sky huge chunks of ice. Some were the size of a hen's egg. One of the residents had saved to memory a handful.

The element of surprise and a few villages — Kazanka, Petrovka Nadezhdinskoye, Russian clearing. A total of fifteen affected farms. Now the fields are specialists Ivestock district. According to preliminary estimates, the damage from hail is in the millions. "Some seeds bought elite in the Amur region. Ordered a corn in Krasnodar for big money." Larikov "got eighteen and a half tons of corn. Now what to do? Do not even know," — confused chief agronomist of the agriculture department of administration Birobidzhan region Peter Ushakov.

Now farmers count losses and rely on government assistance autonomy. Meanwhile, trouble soon grain farmers can affect the residents of the regional center, because it is Birobidzhan district has always been its main granary.

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