In Carpathian Ilnytsya active karst holes

Karst failure in the village Ilnytsya Irshava district

The village Ilnytsya Irshava district, Transcarpathian region from time to time active karst holes of the earth. Just recently, on the road near the orchard formed another new abyss. To fill it, it took six Kamaz rubble and earth. Village authorities Ilnytsya periodically sends the corresponding letter of appeal to other authorities, only the good of it is almost none.

As the correspondent locals, the first gap in Ilnytsya emerged in the mid-90's. A particularly frequent education in the last two years. The land here falls in residential areas and in the fields. In general, every year in the village formed several new craters. Especially these processes are activated in the spring and fall, when the ground is very wet with rain from. Today karst abyss reached already very close to homes.

Their reason is the local coal mines. Indeed, under the village now lie four coal seams, which about 15 million years. A brown coal reserves in Ilnytsya still close to one million tons.

Terrible and that because of sinkholes at the homes of local residents formed cracks. And even major repairs here does not help. Indeed, over time the crack again renewed.

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