In Europe, came a real winter

Autumn this year in Europe surprises for a surprise. Two days ago there was a real tropical summer and winter here soon, and the temperature dropped to zero degrees.

Roads in Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, Germany, were covered with a thick layer of snow, a phenomenon in October can be seen except in Siberia. With snow on the inhabitants of these countries has fallen cold strong wind. On the road was a large number of accidents as a result of drivers urgently have to readjust to winter driving conditions.

In only one Austrian, one day, the snow depth close to 30 cm in the mountains, to address local road services decided to close the passes. As reported by meteorologists to blame the cold front that moved with great speed and large air masses did not have time to warm up over the continent. In Croatia in general was something unimaginable, in addition to snow, lightning struck the country and the incredible rain.

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