In Japan, the first made by a giant squid in the depths of the ocean

The crew of Japanese channel NHK and the U.S. television channel Discovery Channel for the first time was able to videotape a giant squid in its natural habitat in the deep ocean, transmit Japanese media.

Expedition to search for habitat of one of the inhabitants of the mysterious depths of the Pacific Ocean between Japan and the U.S. has led the group to the islands Titidzima located about a thousand miles south of the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. The trip is also supported by the National Museum of Science and the Environment, Japan.

Unique survey conducted at a depth of 630 meters with a highly sensitive video equipment. As experts found specimen was about three feet long and had two longest tentacles. Shorter tentacles squid kept his prey — other squid, which the team used as bait. In addition to the block with depth, you will see a huge eye of the animal, and a number of suction cups with a diameter of about five centimeters.

It is believed that the giant squid or arhiteutis can reach a length of 18 meters. This assumption was made after the end of the 18th century on the shores of New Zealand was discovered by a giant squid length 17.4 meters, with 12 meters was only his mantle. Weight of the animal, according to scientists, can reach a ton. In addition it is considered that arhiteutis was "ancestor" of many mythical monsters. In particular, the giant squid is the key character of the novel by American author Peter Benchley "tentacles."

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