In Kandalaksha invented an economical reactor biofuel

In Kandalaksha (Murmansk region) invented an economical reactor biofuel is extracted from plants. As reported by the energy efficiency of the Murmansk region, the author — a businessman Sergei Kolovanov, on a camp where there were constant power outages. In order to overcome the difficulties, Sergei first coined the installation, which runs on manure, and now modernized it.

At home the reactor at the initial stage the manure, which produces methane-bacteria. They produce a combustible gas in the fermentation process, but they will need additional ingredients. Sergei Kolovanov an idea that it is better suited tropical plants. For example, the estimated entrepreneur, water hyacinth is to give more biogas.

Water hyacinth is rapidly gaining weight and monthly increases in 50 times. It remains finely chopped, put into the reactor and start the process of fermentation. Reactor at such plants can generate about 0.5 megawatt-hours of electricity. Energy production in this way goes to 10 times cheaper than using oil, because nothing, except fertilizers for exotic plants that do not need it. Unit can provide electricity to the hostel round.

In the long-term target program "Energy conservation and energy efficiency in the Murmansk region" for 2010-2015 and until 2020 developed a feasibility study recycling agricultural waste to produce heat, electricity and biofuels.

Based on the feasibility study of ZAO "ROSDIAGNOSTIKA" together with "Pianga RUS" has offered to equip a special setup for biofuels from agricultural waste produced by "Poultry" Murmansk "extrabudgetary funds. At present the contracts between investors and Poultry" Murmansk " .

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