In Kolyma because of rain interrupted a message to one of the villages

 Road builders have closed the movement of all modes of transport on local roads Tent-Kullu-Neksikan in the Magadan region due to the erosion caused by heavy rains, told RIA Novosti the Regional State Unitary Enterprise street maintenance (OGUDEP) "Magadan".

"Due to heavy rains on Wednesday night from the coast out Kuglanah creek that washed away part of the road from the village to the village tent Neksikan by 403 kilometer. This car can not pass, so the decision to close the thoroughfare for all modes of transport," — said the source agency.

According to him, an estimated traffic will be restored here on Thursday at 10.00 (2.00 MSK).

He added that the auto service to the village of Kullu is supported on the bypass road, while traveling to the village Neksikan vehicle until completely closed.

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