In Kuzminki Park looking for a hedgehog, ferret and a woodpecker

Environmentalists Moscow park Kuzminki invite Moscow residents to take part in the action on environmental "tracing" of rare animals.

The program will search for animal traditional methods that form the basis of any investigation activities: the announcement of the missing form with a description of his will, he immediately wanted and deserved reward for the finder, RIA "Novosti".

"Environmentalists have compiled a list of most wanted animals and birds in Kuzminki Park. Hedgehog, ferret, and green woodpecker topped the list. Muscovites can take part in the search for representatives of local fauna," — said the deputy director of management of protected areas (PAs) in the Southeast administrative district of the capital Osip Tuninsky.

He added that the event will be of the nature of learning: the ads will specify characteristics of the fauna and its Latin name. Muscovites, who found and identified the animal will have to provide a photo after of the place where he was found a rare animal.

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