In Minsk, presented a collection of Borodulin Kamotskaya and Kunstadtera

Tonight in the State Literary Museum of Yanka Kupala was presented the book "Vyarovitsa Ales Kamotskaya." It is a little book of Psalms national poet Gregory Baradulin, decorated with images of American photographer John Kunstadtera and drive naspyavany bard Alexander Kamotskaya.

Literary and artistic part of the collection was published by "Radiola-plus" and the music — the company "Vigma."

The central figure of today's celebration, the poet Ryhor Baradulin due to illness could not attend the presentation, so the tone had to fight Ales Kamotskaya. He told how he was born the musical part of this collection. 21 tracks on the disc. This naspyavanyya Ales Kamotskaya psalms Gregory Baradulin. True, the music immediately noted that the high word "pasalmy", which comes from the Greek "psalmas," which means a solemn religious singing — too pretentious for him. Therefore, these psalms Kamotskii brewing in various musical genres. A part of them, he performed at the presentation.

Strictly speaking, this edition — re "Psalms" by Gregory Baradulin issued since the year 2000. But the old songs were heard in a new way, thanks to arrangements made with the help of keyboard player Alexander Vislavskii.

On the literary and artistic part of said smaller, so Baradulin was not. But the present Former U.S. diplomat, an American photographer, shooting of which is included in the publication. Former U.S. diplomat arrived in Belarus for more than 10 years. He was an employee of the U.S. embassy in Minsk. Upon completion of his diplomatic mission, he often comes to Belarus and enthusiastically takes Belarusian landscapes, simple village life, shtetl architecture. He particularly likes to photograph old churches that believe in them, folk rituals in nature and thoughtful faces simple village people. In total, his archive of more than 20,000 images. It is clear that the book came in a very small part. Former U.S. diplomat for good Belarusian language said on prezyntatsyi that the photographs he wanted to pay his respects to the new birth of faith in the people of Belarus. And also respect the people, which transmit their traditions to a new generation.

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