In North Ossetia, a regime of emergency

As reported, representatives of Ministry of Emergency Situations of North Ossetia reported that Ardon region of North Ossetia from a regime of hurricane disaster. According to the representative office of Julia Starchenko, "at 18:45 Moscow attendant console MOE reported that as a result of heavy rain and gusty winds of up to 20 meters per second in the villages of Dawn and Lower Fiagdon on houses partially damaged roof, knocked down trees, broken power supply. "

The area has a team of first responders in crisis situations MOE. "In the Lower Fiagdon suffered 94 private houses, with a population of 410, in Breaking Dawn — 130 private homes, 356 people, none of the residents do not need to evacuate — explained Julia Starchenko. — In the village of Dawn partially damaged the roof of the two schools and a kindergarten" .

According to the Russian Emergencies Ministry, the staff of emergency services managed to quickly restore the broken element gas supply area. Work continues to restore power, and together with the local government started work on the restoration of the roof of houses, street cleaning and recovery.

Earlier in Vladikavkaz was also declared a storm warning. Seven aircraft damaged squally wind at the airport DOSAAF in the North Ossetian capital. One of them beyond repair. According to the staff aeroclub rains that regularly go in Vladikavkaz, strongly loosened soil, causing the wind did not stand fixing ropes, which are fixed planes. On the field, the wind uproot three trees, blew off the roof of the office building.

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