In Oceania, the tiger shark bit off his leg almost French diplomat

French diplomat hit by a man-eating shark in Papua — New Guinea. 30-year-old economist Thomas Vio, for two and a half years working as part of the EU mission in that country in Oceania, doing kitesurfing off the capital Port Moresby, when he, in his words, was attacked by a two-meter tiger shark.

First victim was taken to hospital in Port Moresby, but on the same day was taken to hospital in the nearby city of Brisbane in Australia. Doctors said the surgery is needed.
According to the scientist, this is not the first attack on a dangerous ocean creatures. So in the beginning, he was attacked by torpedo. Since 1925, in Papua — New Guinea recorded 49 shark attacks on people, 25 of them were fatal to the latter.

Recall the other day in the Maritime region was caught shark, which allegedly attacked the 18 August 16-year-old. According to witnesses, the length of predator reached 2.2 meters. In addition, according to some, as the vessel drifted in place to catch sharks, next to the trawler was spotted another shark fin. In August, in Primorye were three cases of shark attacks on humans.

Most often, the people attacking large ocean sharks. Especially a lot of these cases were reported during the Second World War, when the waters of the Pacific Ocean proved downed aircraft pilots and sailors and passengers torpedoed ships. According to statistics collected by the University of Florida in the United States, in the year recorded 70-100 shark attacks on humans. From 5 to 15 cases resulted in death swimmer. The share of long-winged shark account for only a small portion of these attacks.

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