In south China from prolonged heavy rains affected several million people

In south China from prolonged heavy rains affected several million people, writes
To date, a number of provinces in South China a few million people affected by the floods caused by prolonged strong rains. Active measures are taken in this area to eliminate the consequences of the disaster.

According to the Headquarters for Flood Control and Drought prov. Zhejiang, at 08:00 Saturday in prov. Zhejiang in the zone of water elements were 2.59 million people 500 townships and towns, destroyed 3,780 buildings showers, direct economic loss of the affected areas has exceeded 4.8 billion yuan / U.S. $ 1 am — 6.47 yuan /. Fortunately, there were no reports of casualties and injuries.

According to preliminary calculations, so far in the province for flood control was mobilized 164 thousand people and 8,344 pieces of equipment involved. From the disaster urgently evacuated 150 thousand people.

According to information from the Office of Civil Affairs prov. Anhui, from continuing heavy rains in various degrees affected a total of 2.1 million residents of 27 counties and cities prov. Anhui, killing three people, was quickly evacuated 123.7 thousand people. From the disaster hit 89 thousand hectares of farmland have been destroyed and 4117 damaged buildings 22.6 thousand, the direct economic damage from the disaster is estimated at 1.341 billion yuan, including agricultural damage — 524 million yuan.

Along with this, according to the weather service and flood control wiring. Jiangxi, June 9th from 20:00 to 08:00 on June 17 in the province of rainfall averaged 149 mm. From heavy rains in the key implications hit the northern part of the province, where the disaster zone were 3.12 million people 573 townships, and towns and cities in 50 counties, 257 thousand people were evacuated, showers blurry 4390 buildings, a direct economic loss of 5.8 billion RMB.

Negative situation with the water element exists in the wire. Jiangsu, Guizhou, Hunan and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

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