In Taishet district of ball lightning hit 20 families

2 billion volts. Of ball lightning in the area affected Taishet whole village. Miraculously, there were no casualties, and 20 families now count the losses.
Holes in tulle — the smaller of the ills that have overtaken the Ivanov family. The cause of all the troubles became a fireball. It not only burned a curtain, but reversals of their home and bath. Head of the family Michael tells that after meeting with the electrical guest now hard of hearing.

— There was a cotton frame all flew. I was stunned, I can not remember, all vaguely. Popped up on the street — no glass, no frame no, — said the victim of lightning Mikhail Ivanov.

Almost a month in the village Melt not rain, the heat was 30 degrees. When the storm began, Mikhail Ivanov was repairing the house, his wife Katherine was busy with his little daughter in the yard. Now she believes that all of them were born in the shirt. Survive in the face of ball lightning.

— We register under the roof bars, and there was a pillar in front of me, orange and red. Then a sharp explosion, Bath opened, and all flew. I looked up, and a red balloon rose up — says hit by lightning Ekaterina Ivanova.

Washing machine Ivanov fragmented. Burnt wiring, and with it, and all appliances — TV, fridge, stove. Michael says: too early to celebrate the end of the minor repairs after a lightning strike will now have capital. It promises to help with the village administration. On the restoration of the House will allocate timber. Besides Ivanov, in the melt of the fireball hit another 20 families.

— TV burned, many refused phones. For the people is the damage, of course, significant, — says the head of administration with. Thawed Sergei Pastushenko.

Experts warn that if during the storm outside as orange reflections, immediately slam the window and balcony — to visit you asking fireball. It is always dangerous to humans, because it is an electrical discharge voltage up to 2 billion volts! The house should be unplugged all the equipment, you can not touch the batteries and taps. If bad weather caught on the street, you need to switch off the mobile and remove all metal jewelry.

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