In Thailand, the water turned the ancient temples

Flooding in Thailand.  Photo: © REUTERS / Chaiwat Subprasom BANGKOK, Sept. 5 — RIA Novosti, Yevgeny Belenky. Much of the ancient Thai capital of Ayutthaya submerged by the flood, the water level reaches two meters, said on Wednesday the electronic version of the newspaper Bangkok Post.

Also, the water was a nearby industrial park, which produces electronic components for mechanical engineering.

In many areas of Ayutthaya province for over a month and a half in height standing water two meters, but most of the historical monuments of 16-18 centuries, located in the ancient Thai capital, which is located 60 kilometers south of Bangkok, to the environment remained relatively safe.

On Wednesday morning the Chao Phraya river broke through the barricade of sandbags at the ruins of the ancient temple of Wat Chai Vatthannaram. Ten minutes was completely flooded area of the temple and more than two hundred houses. None of the residents suffered: timely raised alarm enabled residents to take urgent measures to save their families and of their property, the report said.

Seriously affected by the water, "the Portuguese village" — a settlement of Portuguese merchants and mercenaries, which existed in Ayutthaya in 16-18 centuries and partially restored in its original form after the archaeological site.

Flooding in Thailand.  Photo: © REUTERS / Chaiwat SubprasomWas under water, and 500-year-old Fort Pom Phet (Diamond Castle), located close to Wat Chai Vathannaram.

During the day the water is coming. At the moment, there is a risk of total flooding downtown Ayutthaya, in which there are dozens of historic sites. Ayutthaya is located at the junction of four rivers: the Chao Phraya and its three tributaries. All four rivers water level has long exceeded the critical, the coastal areas of the city and stood on the banks of the river towns flooded for weeks, according to Thai media.

On Wednesday, the water broke through and in the industrial park of Ayutthaya province, 46 bay once situated on its territory industries. At all locations, most of which are owned wholly or partially foreign-owned and produce electronic components of machinery and equipment, production was halted on Wednesday, reports the Nation. The rate of flow of the water was such that none of the business owners did not evacuate machines and other equipment, the report said.

Abnormal volume of precipitation seasonal rains triggered catastrophic flooding, which lasts from the end of July in the northern, north-eastern and central parts of Thailand. Water continues to come almost daily in overcrowded reservoirs and rivers. This year's rainy season started earlier than usual. Volume dropped in late July rainfall is estimated by Thai experts, as the largest in 30 years.

The end of the rainy season, which should mean the end of the flood, and is expected in mid-October. This is followed by a cool dry season. However, experts believe that the earlier start time of the rains may end after the usual time.

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