In the city free of the Amur region anomaly: the first time in 40 years on November 1 was rain

Rain in the Free.  Photo by Vladimir Mezhov.Last month we met an extraordinary autumn warming and rain.

As the chief Svobodny Weather RI Krivosheyeva, the Amur region is moving cyclone coupled with a rainfall. Daytime temperatures in recent days remains at around 9 degrees of heat, and last night the thermometer showed plus 3 degrees.

— Over the past 10 years, we did not record such warming, and even with the rain, — says Raisa. — October 29, was a phenomenal increase in temperature during the day and 13 degrees to the Amur region is the excess of normal at 9 degrees. Surprising is the fact that in November the rain, because in our area is significant that at this time it snows and does not melt.

But, to be more precise, in the last year the temperature was lower, but steady snow lay on the ground only on November 19. In 2007, there were warming November 5 to plus 10 degrees, but it was not raining. From my observation I remember that at about the mid-60's was just the weather, then by 7 November the rain, and then sharply colder. Nature then was very beautiful: the trees in ice icicles and creepy! Perhaps it will be this year.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists morning Nov. 2 meet us, partly cloudy, but no rain. In the afternoon hours will remain zero temperature of 6 degrees, with a decrease in the night to minus 4. This weather will continue until next week. And by November 5 to Amur gets cyclone Transbaikalia already with the snow.

Natalia Zemlyansky

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