In the event that Lashmankin promised to begin hunger strike

Svetlana Chernova, law wife last night arrested a journalist, editor of the Samara and legal information agencies "Freedom" by Alexander Lashmankin, does not believe that he could insult the police during the arrest.

Alexander Lashmankin at night on March 24 removed from the train Chelyabinsk-Brest on the basis of an anonymous call. Transport police officers claimed that they had information that the journalist was carrying amphetamine. When personal inspection he found the only drugs — public, which are sold in every pharmacy prescription lilac. Found is sent for examination.

"Alexander generally tries not to use drugs, even if their prescribed by a doctor. Refers to the drugs carefully. I'm more afraid of all that he will be accused of drug trafficking. In Russia it is that they throw on purpose, "- says Svetlana Chernova.

The fact that Mr. Lashmankin trial for disorderly conduct — for swearing at police officers during arrest — law wife of the journalist commented as follows:

"It is absurd, he knows the law, and he could not do that. Absolutely no way that he used foul language during the arrest. I can not even remember that he swore at all."

Charges of disorderly conduct Alexander Lashmankin challenged during trial, which takes place in the court of Orsha and Orsha district. He states that went to Minsk to watch as a journalist for the celebration of Freedom Day on March 25.

Witnesses against Alexander Lashmankin act only police officers who detained him. Judge Ina Kochav adjourned until 15:30. Detained journalist present at the court said the defender Vasili Levchenkova that the hunger strike when he was awarded the "day".

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