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Anatoly Vertinskiy: "Belarusian poetry of taste and" American "and" Volodarka "

Anatoly Vertinskiy

Lived during the presidential elections for the first time in the political history of Belarus to the voters not only recited the presidential candidates. At campaign rallies and meetings on public radio and television, on flyers and posters to the people speak a Belarusian poetry. About this phenomenon, we are talking today with the poet Anatoly Vertinskiy.

Michas Scoble"Anatoly, I remember, before the presidential election, and related events you said at the meeting, which they have imagined a poem or essay on" Elections and Belarusian poem. "So you wrote?"

Anatoly Vertinskiy"No, not write. Recorded only in blyaknotse outline his plan. Failed with a poem of two reasons. First, came to the memory is written and published once the line — about, again, the elections to the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation . Strings as an appeal to voters' voting rights — a big deal. manifest will of its bright! you today — vyarshytseli you today — a judge. Go to the polls and — vote!. "Secondly, my venture suggested to me the other newsworthy . remember the morning of November 30 — remember it well — I listened to the speech of the presidential candidate, his colleague Vladimir Neklyaeva poetry workshop. Among other things, uttered words about why he has been taking is not a song, and politics. "Because — sounded in the morning radio — poetry can beautify our life, but can not change. And I want him to change, to improve. "Pre-election statement was complete, as is well known, the poem" I am come that they may have won ":" We lie in the sheaves currents We flailed everyone who in his hands, has a chain! And so in all ages. "

Scoble"I verses in tune with the" Word of Igor's Campaign ". The same imagery and stylistic system: "At the head Nemige spread out sheaves damask threshed with a flail."

Vertinskiy"So-so. Even the literal coincidence sheaves, current, flails. And this is, I note, not a conscious imitation or even involuntary reminiscence. This is — independent of the will's roll call time, a kind of relay race. Only now, at the turn of the new time, the poem was made in a new role — as part of a political speech contender for the presidency. And it was impressive, thought-provoking — about the fate of our poetic words of our Belarusian verse. "

Scoble"And the first time in the history of the Belarusian verse sounded like political praklyamatsyya? Maybe out of the mouth of Constantine Kalinowski? "

Belarusian poem for the royal power was imprisoned, and when the Bolshevik — put a face to the wall with his hands raised together with Jakub ear.

Vertinskiy"So, Kalinowski called (it is in Poetry)" for the truth to become bold. " Belarusian poem with Kalinovskiy authorities were on the scaffold. Belarusian poem handed to the army together with Pavlyuk Bagrima. Belarusian poem along with Ales Harun was tried and sent to Siberia. Belarusian poem for the royal power was imprisoned, and when the Bolshevik — put a face to the wall with his hands raised together with Jakub ear. Belarusian poem was summoned for questioning, was brought to a suicide attempt with Yanka Kupala. Belarusian poem printed and yet conceived, is not yet worn-out in the hearts and minds of its speakers, were taken to be shot in Kurapaty, his hand-written on a large fire burned in the prison, "an American." Thus, the Belarusian endured the verse and the "American" and "Volodarka" and Orsha shipment, and the stages and the convoy, and the area and barbed wire countless gulags. Belarusian poem repress and today, with the current government — seized House of Writers, where he sounded in public, deprived of editorial boards, where he was welcomed and accepted for publication. "

Scoble"And, these sad events sometimes become comical male character. You've probably heard the detention of Mogilev activist Dmitry Solovyov after December 19 KGB found in his computer Kupala's poem "On the assembly." KGB man found him for seditious document in proof preparation for the "riot".

Vertinskiy"The same is accused and the author of the poem" I am come that they may have won. "Appearance of this works for me means one thing: the long-suffering Belarusian poem was troubled, he decided, so to speak, to take revenge for all the suffering, hurt and destruction."

Scoble"But in the end — with the author went to jail. And today Nyaklyayeu can write, but his poetry to make people not entitled to. They, along with the author — under house arrest. "

Vertinskiy"Patients, even in a nightmare did not see that in his apartment — instead of singing and musical angel mastermind — will be on duty round the clock alert kagebisty. That his government will make the home a corner branch of "American." This Statement modernization continues. "

Bookstore FREEDOM

Leonid Dayneko: "You can not put people on their knees, which is MY OWN apartment YOUR OWN LANGUAGE AND BELIEVE"

Leonid Dayneko

"Tell her son Constantine" — so the new historical novel by Leonid Dayneko, who recently left the publishing house "Art and Literature." One of the three Konstantinov, the novel's characters — Constantine Ostrog, a hero of the Battle of Orsha in 1514. Is not that the first call writer writers to the image of the famous hetman ON. Today Leonid Dayneko — our guest.

Michas Scoble"Mr. Leonid, your novel," Tell her son Constantine "is clearly divided into two parts: one — about Constantine Palaeologus, who died in the defense of Constantinople by the Turks, and the second — about Ostrozky — the hero of the Battle of Orsha. Why, then, did you decide to make them heroes of a book? "

Leonid Dayneko"To be precise, in the novel there is another Constantine, who made history as Constantine the Great — Roman emperor who made Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire. It is, so to speak, brought the Christians of the catacombs and into the light. At first I wanted to call his novel "Three Constantine", but stopped on the name of "naming his son Constantine." This title is directed to the future, because new born Constantine. I'm at the end of the novel and writing: born yet and Konstantin Miscavige — Jakub Colas, and Constantine Kalinowski. Add here and Constantine Ezovitova — fighter for the Belarusian statehood. I love these bright, heroic figures who are fighting for their idea. The same Palealog Constantine, the emperor, dies on the walls of Constantinople, to protect the capital from the Aramaic of the Ottoman Turks. The same Konstantin Ostrog, the great hetman ON maintains its ratification to Orsha, Nettle to the river to stop the invasion of Moscow ratyami, constantly going from the east to seize our country, the land of which they considered their land, "patrimony".

Scoble"I am in your novel, especially captured two battle scenes — the protection of Constantinople and the Battle of Orsha. I can compare them with
the description unless the description of the battle of Borodino, in "War and Peace". "September 8, 1514 the sun rose over Krapiuna field in 7:00 4 minutes …". On which calendar you figure it out? "

Dayneko"Thank you for comparing my work with the work of the great Leo Tolstoy. I was not referring to such comparisons. I was calling my idea, my goal. As to your question about the calendar, that is, the so-called "perpetual calendar" on which all can be calculated. I like the author always want to be the sharpest reader to believe in the events described, if I saw tons of e sun rose and set, as I write, many permanently. But the people who died on the field Krapiuna, protecting our homeland ON, did not die in vain. If they did not die then, in September 1514, is now known that it would be. There would be some kind of Smolensk province of today's Russia. In his novel, I wanted to show specific people, not fictional, not mythical heroes. Came the real people have taken up arms and stop the Eastern aggressor who always wanted us to be danced only by the Kremlin's tune. "

Came the real people have taken up arms and stop the Eastern aggressor who always wanted us to be danced only by the Kremlin's tune.

Scoble"You miraculously managed to capture the atmosphere of those distant times. When you read about the assault on Constantinople, the impression — if you hear the cries of the Janissaries … As if on Krapiuna field visited. How do you do it? "

Dayneko"First, I was filled with the spirit of the battle. I do love the battle, thunder, shochu, as before it was written, the cries of soldiers spilled arrows, the clash of swords, the thunder of the nuclei of the solid walls. For me, I'm sorry, it sounds like music. Maybe it's the music of suffering, but it is the music of struggle, violent faith in their victory. Those young Janissaries in their own way, too, were right. They were led by a conductor, Sultan Mehmed, the conquest of Europe. They remembered that a few centuries ago, Alexander the Great came from Europe to Asia, destroyed the Persian Empire and captured the king Darius. Generally, I try to write in such a cinematic, Hollywood style. I wonder how Hollywood takes historical movies. I admire the "Spartacus," "Cleopatra," I remember how we were going to battle gladiators. I like this building plot — a brief, sharp. I tried and I am glad that you, as a very curious reader, loved it. So, to like and to other readers. "

Scoble"Tell her son Constantine" — clearly a novel anti-Moscow. Here are just two quotes: "Moscow and the Horde — one trouble", "Kalupni any Muscovite, and find a Tartar." And what about your statement that Monomakh perashytaya skullcaps of Bukhara work … How were you able to publish his work in the state publishing house? "

I think, today, after Putin's visit, the novel would not have printed.

Dayneko"I surprised myself. Once called Raisa Borovikova, editor of "Maladosts" which, for all its zaangazhavanastsi — fine Belarusian paetka patryetka and Belarus, and offered to bring them to a novel. And it was printed in the "youth" and I was still surprised. Apparently, while there was some deterioration in relations between Moscow and Minsk. I think, today, after Putin's visit, the novel would not have printed, and then he slipped. It clearly is not the Russian people — our enemy. And those velikoderzhavniki chauvinists who wanted to get their hands on all that had as their heritage from the time of Kievan Rus. But what kind of legacy we talking about? We know that the Muscovite rulers were black slaves tributary of the Mongol Horde, and our people lived at that time in Europe, had in Poland, the Baltic Sea connection with Germany, Britain, and France. "

Scoble"Sometimes a hero is present in two or three pages of a novel, and — remembered. This, for example, from the gentleman Shklow Parfenov Tit — AUIAB and earpiece that sells Moscow … Janissaries Hasan Nechapay — image is also memorable. He is forced to remember their homeland just two words. And Belarusians in Belarus that could return? "

Dayneko"Belarus Belarus could regain that first of all literature that we create. I — a member of the Union of Belarusian Writers, and proud of it. Our union has worked and works a lot of talented writers who write on a historical theme: Vladimir Orlov, Konstantin Tarasov, Olga Ipatova. And at one time we all started with Karatkevich. As Russian literature came out of Gogol's "The Overcoat," so we got out of karatkevichavskaga Barat. But also to the poor was not Karatkevich our historical literature. Let us remember the names of Joseph Dyly, Boris Mikulic, Zmitraka Byadulya even obscure Elijah the closet now. So I am sure that Belarus is, was and will be, to quote Vladimir Karatkevich. "


Scoble"You said they admire Hollywood films. It can be seen as a modern film role miraculous wand performs computer. In a hopeless situation, the hero sits down at the computer and — the output is. In your novel performs a similar role eagle flies not only in different countries, but at different times. Surely it was impossible to do without mysticism? "

Dayneko"And I'm on the spirit of the mystic. Note that my two-headed eagle, the eagle is a white, free eagle. I wanted to join the century and deliberately went to such a move. My heroes are transferred to other ages — is also under the influence of Hollywood. And to tie events and a century gold thread, and I came up with the image of an eagle. My hero Rantsevich says of him: "Somewhere high up in the eternity of living golden eagle of freedom, who comes only to those who are fighting for their land, for their homeland to help these people in their holy war."

Scoble"In the fabric of the novel is very natural woven poems. Whose are they? "

Dayneko"My. I instantly switch from prose to poetry. Prose and poetry for me — one for one river that flows. Poetry — still the highest surge in literature, literary meteorites sky. And poetry in the novel in order to brighter lights up the sky so that the reader imbued with a belief in the product. I do not deny that I novelists. I take a real historical wall, but it paints the colors of his imagination. "

Scoble"Neadnoychy events in the novel, I recall the events of today. For example, the attackers wore black masks hurt your hero on the streets of the city, disappear, and no one knows who they are. Just like in the case of Vladimir Nyaklyaeu. And you are often seen such parallels — between the past and the present? "

Dayneko"Constantly seen. Life continuous and it flows out in our last date. Then the attackers were wearing black masks, and today they are. Nothing changes. Life goes on. As for Vladimir Neklyaeva, I am in his time giving advice to the Union of Writers. And I'm proud of it. And today, I feel bad for him, for his bright future and wish he quickly released. In my opinion, Nekljaev — the first value in the modern Belarusian poetry. "You can break the sword — you can not kill an idea," — said the great Frenchman Victor Hugo. These words correspond to the Belarusian and our situation. You can not destroy the idea of Belarusian statehood, which runs
through the ages, starting with the Battle of Orsha, which has come down to the present day. Can not be brought to its knees the people who want freedom, who want to live in my house, under the sky, with his word, and his faith. "



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