In the office of the Belarusian Popular Front, an exhibition of Abduction

Injured censors installation "Pyramid of Belarus" and about two dozen pieces that were at the time of Lukashenka to be shown at exhibitions paintings of "The Chase", tonight saw the light at the Minsk office of the BPF.

"Pyramid of Belarus" — this is the latest work by the time repressed paintings of "The Chase". March 15 is the exposure came an official of the Ministry of Culture, and he did not like this job. Rasshkamutanaya censors during the transportation time from the exhibition in two parts, it is well worth it in the current exhibition, disguised to two opposite walls of the hall in the office of the Belarusian Popular Front. "Pyramid of Belarus" — is, according to the author Gennady Drozdov, a symbol of the country today. This is a metaphor for her. We are building, he said, the pyramid of Belarus in order to destroy the anti-Belarusian pyramid.

Cardboard installation was at the center of the exposure of the March annual exhibition association "Pursuit" which opened at the Palace of Arts on March 11. And the day before, by decree of the Union of Artists of Belarus, was shot 6 more work. Two drawings by Vladimir Krukovsky, one picturesque Victor Nikita and two works by Ales Marochkina. Right there is another work of Alexei Marochkina, taken in 1997. This work is called "Dolls". It then again filmed in 1998, and since then it censors have not returned to the author. For this exhibition the artist made a copy.

1997 — this is the beginning of mass censorship of paintings of "The Chase". It also exhibited "Windows Friendly" artist Tatiana Markovets also filmed in 1997. This installation of Belarusian newspapers in the form of lattice windows as a symbol of the Belarusian prisoner of speech.

Also posted on the walls of Ales Pushkin — a series under the title "The Belarusian birdhouses." The artist told an interesting story. PoseLast year, 17 of these papers were invited to put in the Swedish city of Kalmar. However, it was necessary to obtain authorization for the export of works of art in the Ministry of Culture, and the permit was issued only three paintings, and 14 were not allowed to take out. Then the artist told the press that he took a photo forbidden to export to Sweden for an exhibition of paintings and show these pictures there. Officials retreated and wrote that these products do not have artistic value, but because, they say, their export is permitted.

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