In Transcarpathia from landslide zones Solotvyna prepared for resettlement

In Transcarpathia reserved 40 hectares of land for the possible relocation of people from landslide zones Solotvyna that Tyachevschine. At the moment, waiting for the conclusion of the scientists on the extent of probable karst valleys.

According to the preliminary conclusions of the experts are now at risk in Solotvyno were 292 houses, schools, hospitals and rural communications. Last year, due to an abnormal state offices were closed underground allergy hospital. This year, a new chasm almost swallowed rural electric substation.

Falls to the ground Solotvyno started ten years ago. But since then Solerudnik stopped and fresh water from the waste horizons longer pump, the situation got out of control. Water is constantly eroding salt dome, causing the formation of new karst holes.

First Deputy Chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Ivan Buschke reported that on the meeting of the Extraordinary Commission, promised a national plan to save the village. "It is in the framework of this program, and we have reserved land", he said.

40 hectares divided between the villages and Solotvyno Apsha. Also, according to I.Bushko, the authorities have already started designing new communications.

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