In Ulan-Ude, the hurricane sits half the city of light

In Buryatia storm broke trees.  Photo from www.drom.ruHurricane-like Irkutsk, rolled and several districts of Buryatia. Strong gusts of wind up to 25 meters per second, and the dust storms have done confusion. Due to wire breakage, damage to the cable and substation equipment in several districts of Ulan-Ude is still no light. Power outages are and in three rural areas.

— We are currently working to restore electricity — say in the press service of the municipality of Ulan-Ude. — By the City Commission for Emergency Situations in every area of the city created the operational headquarters in the aftermath of the hurricane. Clock gather information on violations in the life support system of the city and managing the consequences of the storm.

Not only did the wind left without light half of the city, he still threw fences, uprooted trees, damaged roofs, tore corrugated with garages. In some places, the storm tore off fire escapes, turned the stop. Banner ads are not sustained and fell raging elements. The District capital of a tree fell on two cars and blocked the road. The damage inflicted on the city element, is calculated.

As reported in the regional emergencies department, the wind increased and the number of fires. Affected villagers Hurt Kizhinginsky Around there at four owners burned outbuildings. In Zaigraevsky area also experienced three fires.


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