In Veremeyko impasse in which local drove themselves …

Society just so happens that on Cherykavshchynu in polutoratysyachny Veremeyko I arrived as they used to say in the "red letter day" — a quarter of a century, the giant local livestock farms which did almost all the inhabitants of the settlement. By the way, "pork" verameytsy doing chores much of the 16th century. Back in the early days of perestroika passed away before the 5000 tons of meat a year. The principle of growing pigs once formulated the first director, Mr. Stranchanka — for 8 months to bring the weight up to 112 kg each on the latest Italian technology then. Victor G. led the complex to 1997. But then the situation changed so much that he joined the United Civil Party, and became the main opposition people here. That's what I'd like to talk first. But this thin, with a confident look, the man surprised the memories of the election — say, Veremeyko put questionable, but the Republican record.


Stranchanka"Before the closure of the polling station was pushed up to 8 meters, emptied and placed a stack of papers. Then he began to seek out who is "against" — they did a "one-one-one." For Lukashenko — 1035, and only 1,046 voters. In other words, 99.9 "behind." This figure is unlikely where there is still in Belarus. Precinct commission headed by deputy chairman of the executive committee Dmitry M. Ruben … . "

Reporter"You have organized an independent exit poll in the country? '.

Stranchanka"So, in a day of interviews. Basically voted either against all or for one of the candidates, except for Lukashenko. Chippie was … . "

We decided to go with someone on real Veremeyko together. Just perfect, another member of the opposition party "Fair World", Mr. Tinsel. Prior to retirement he worked as a watchman in forestry. Naturally know how there are 20 local loggers.

Tinsel"The salaries received only 600,000. And I know what a drag logs manually to the waist in the snow. By the end of the work presents a … . "

Dmitry Vasilyevich not the first advocates for the rights of pensioners.


Tinsel"To the person to bring firewood — 120-150 thousand trailer, if bad. If good — 180-220. While the pension 400-500 thousand, 40% of which is spent on drugs. And they say — "Lukashenko gives money." I say, you do all your hard earned, the state is obliged to provide you! Are you in a sanatorium zberatse money? Silent … . "

Dmitry Tinsel once headed the Palace of Culture, worked with the youth. The comparison is not in favor of the present time.

Tinsel"If major events, discos were five hundred people danced in the street. Now come on 80-90 people — he said the same, that people need "cup and bacon." We have a shop "hubs" — young people spend time on zavugollyah … . "

But back to the main point — what's going on pratsavtvaralnym complex where, among other things, 450 employees. Evaluation of Mr. Stranchanki.

Stranchanka"The biggest problem started when the workers agreed to enter the complex at a meeting of the union" Mogilevhlebprom. " And before that it was Unitary Enterprise "State farm-factory" Light. " The administration has established its own system of salaries. Now they declined, people have reduced. For the complex is left to settle with the budget and the minimum wage. The complex is owed to the pension fund of 500 million rubles. This is a dead end, in which the workers drove themselves … . "

On the watchman on the complex, Ms. Tamara Penkovskiy, in the village they say — "always cuts the plain truth." The benefit of it should never pull on the tongue.


Penkovskaya"In the words of CEO Ivanov," poor work, no "cause." In fact, a lie, because the population is growing — up to 40 thousand. He feeds his pigs, and workers — as "slave labor" in themselves. We are given a certain number of pigs to pay gas, electricity. Hlebokombinat up on our bones! I and many said — should not be given to him to unite. With each site "chosen" for 2-3 people from those who would keep quiet. They decided that they need to go public, and the plant itself took a controlling stake — on the complex had only 1.5%. In order to have independent, we would not have changed directors annually, and set this as the host, grown here since childhood, who knew where to put the 10 cents to get ruble. Do not give bribes, did not impose himself in the basket … . "

Now we have what we have, — says Ms. Tamara.

Penkovskaya"We have now that the general wants, and undone. Should have been a salary increase this year — the rate was 1,063 rubles per hour. Operators of milking the shot — now only "cause" and end up earning. I have experience of 20 years — more than 500. On average, the complex of 500,000, but if remove the main experts, will not leave even four hundred and Working conditions — in our garage in the offices of the chief, dispatcher everything flows. Since last year, the former chief Drozdowski banned smoking — all the pipes burst. Now in office, industrial zone, as in the primitive times, are small stoves with wood. (Laughs.) Used a piece of soap was given once a quarter — all bring himself. The smell of summer canceled your score can not stand, because emissions have to take out every day, and take out once a week for 30 plus. And operators 8:00 in the afternoon, at night fifteenth People, of course, will not quit, because there is no work here … . "


Four years ago, the village appeared Agrotown. In meetings with local and regional authorities verameytsy asked to solve at least the minimum — to transfer to the railway station for passenger service buses, reopen the butcher of the former factory "Light" — as you have heard one of the local livelihoods. The fact that today is a "town" — Tamara Penkovskiy mouth again.

Penkovskaya"With garbage — can not go to the courts. I told the village council — do not want to recruit guards, let go all kamungasavtsy and clean roads, so that people could go — we are paying for maintenance. One could start with agro fences. And people have a roof and flowing. People are afraid — unless someone makes will be pleased. I spoke — the girls, are silent, the worse for you! You have credits, school children, you pay for the apartment — the teeth put on the shelf. "

An indirect confirmation to Ms. Tamara got when entered in the so-called farm shop. I am shocked — in a rather spacious hall just a few shelves of canned sardynelay, stew and corn. Saleswoman Natalia Baranova wringing his hands.

Baranova"You do not write, because the withdraw-fired on the article. We had over a hundred visitors a day, now 2-3 people will call. Now, no company makes products — debt, probably … . "

My companion, Mr. Stranchanka tells the store, dying, family owned farm Marochkin. The name of the host rattled earlier in the surrounding area.

Stranchanka"He bought five trucks of foreign, engaged in cargo transportation. Then he took the land, cultivated cabbage, potatoes, corn, tried to open a cattle farm. He
employed 150 people!. But the crisis — freight moved, wood authorities banned the selling. Need to pay more rent — well, that's … Here Victor Hvedaravich. "

That's how I got to know … Lukashenko — local, of course, a full namesake of the last name. Mr. Victor — historian. Local historian. And I immediately inquired about the origin of the strange name of the village.


Lukashenko"There are 2 versions. Settled here Veremey rich who wanted to separate the lake that no one lived nearby. And the other — something went wrong with the settlers, or crop dies, and suddenly the top of his voice — "keep the faith"! . "

Viktor Lukashenko eyes lit up when he began to talk about the case, which gives all the free time — creating record-chronicle of Veremeyko.

Lukashenko"We want to start with the Paleolithic period — we have one of the most ancient sites. The book "Memory" was conceived as a political — that is not reflected, then. Sponsor — our countryman Bulls Vladimir, he is a businessman, 2 Order of metsenatstva has. Circulation 200 instances, we guarantee … . "

Only recently was a huge problem of rural quality of bread which were brought from the district Cherikov. They said that to take it in hand — is printing. And of sour loaves of unbearable smells. I have such a problem today — says the owner of the only private shops here, Ms. Tatiana Sulimova. According to the decree 360 she became a PI "chupavku" — has created a private unitary enterprise. It did not help!


Sulimova"The bread was good Cherikov. And the store was unprofitable to operate. The costs are large, but prahodnasts product — no. And increased taxes, electricity costs 3 times more. Salary demand of the district, so that my $ 750 was — where did I take them? I am and closes so profitable … . "

The news of the arrival of a fresh person, especially a reporter, are carried through the village immediately. On the street I was approached by 28-year-old Dmitri.

Dmitry"What gave us the" father "- nothing! Sporting palaces built — give work to people! Unemployed lot. On the complex in construction brigades earns 300,000 people — is to only buy shoes. And that sings on BT — nothing … . "

Objective response to the needs of the "bottom" — a movement of migrant workers, which Veremeyko more than a hundred. I met with two namesakes of all ages. 53-year-old construction worker, Alexander travels to Russia in '12. Says he does not regret "at all."

Alexander"Building a country house in the suburbs. Salary of the contract — say, how much we pay. For a month I have $ 3,000 … . "

Reporter"How dangerous is it to be the guest-worker? '.

Alexander"I have everything perfectly — a house in the suburbs. I have not slept, local refer to me as the people here. I tried to make me lucky — when was the Union, went on watch on the North … . "

Experience another Alexander, 35-year-old carpenter, less — 10 years. And it was not so broke away from the homeland.

Alexander"You can go to Minsk and Russia — chose the latter, as is more. On the "kidalovo" Lord spared us — we take the pre-payment. Average per month for our 2 million have — and happy about it. We are working on private traders — one will do, others ask. Ask here, but will do for 50,000, and there for the same 500 or even more. Tired, of course, to go — at home to pay at least a million a month, would not go anywhere. In Veremeyko not shine … . "

Perhaps that with the 90-ies of the last century, all the events taking place in Veremeyko, tracks local correspondent for the independent regional newspaper "Free City", a former teacher Mrs. Sharaburka. Ludmila time travel was just returning from the hospital. But I could not hear her impressions of Veremeykovskoy life.


Sharaburka"People go quite harried. Got off the bus — no smiles, no talking among themselves to someone for something someone did not pass. In rural areas, previously celebrated holidays, birthdays — you come into the hallway smells of dishes. Nothing! Salaries, in fact, 200,000 in workers removed the additive for long service processing. Before the election, the candidates were — head raised. After Lukashenko silent again — it has the ability to do mass psychosis. Everything in his hands — the power structures, such power! Now all fear for battered — it's conscience, the intelligence of the nation! You begin to explain — aggression, as in the mentally ill. Before the elections, saying — we want to go on strike, tell me how to implement. Many families are destroyed. On how many of them will be enough — I do not know … . "

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