In Warsaw will discuss how to democratize Belarus

March 23 at the hotel «Bristol» in Warsaw a conference "How to democratize Belarus?" It was organized by the Polish Institute of International Affairs and the British Embassy in Warsaw. Information sponsor performs channel "Belsat".

The participants of the Warsaw conference will discuss the political and economic situation in Belarus and the forecast of its development. The Belarusian participate in the conference leader of the Movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich, director of the Center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk, editor in chief of "Nasha Niva" Andrew Dynko and "Gazeta Wyborcza" in Belarus Andrzej Poczobut. They will take part in discussions on how, in what direction will the regime in Belarus in the coming years, which strategy to choose the European Union towards Belarus, the situation with non-governmental organizations and the media. Your answer to this question has Milinkevich:

"I am for myself long ago decided that not only should democratize the system of power through the election. And above all it is necessary to democratize the people. And the more the heart and soul, will be in the minds of the democracy, the closer we are to it. This is the biggest problem because most people live in paternalistic attitudes and many like that brutal power, they think that this is the order. And then the root of evil. "

Such a conference is being held in Warsaw, Poland as was and is active country in the democratization of Belarus and the strengthening of its independence. Poles are the largest programs to strengthen civil society and support independent media — said Mr. Milinkevich. Regarding their specific proposals for the democratization of Belarus politician said that the European Union should open for Belarus to be more accessible to Belarusians.

"The problem of visas, the issue of special education programs for

The European Union is due to open for Belarus to be more accessible to Belarusians

youth, support of civil society in our country. And there should be more of Europe in Belarus. We no longer need to know on what principles united Europe, what are the pros-cons of this integration. People need to know that we Europeans have long been their history and our prospects there. It's a big job, "- emphasizes Milinkevich.


Stanislav Shushkevich said in an online media that, say, the Warsaw Conference invited the wrong that "the organizers have not figured out who they are dealing" with a view Milinkevich and Yaroslav Romanchuk. Milinkevich said he does not pay attention to such allegations, and when Shushkievich to go somewhere, then "never said that not invited to." Milinkevich Shushkevich denies accusations that he allegedly has to fit into a dictatorship, but anything the country has not changed: "I want to, when such allegations are made that were quote, what day and where it was said.'s Not true."

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