India: rains are getting stronger

July 14, 2011. Low-lying areas of Vijayawada, Guntur, Bhimavaram, Amalapuram, Jangaon, Narsapur and Suryapet were flooded in several places, people waded knee-deep in water. Rains hit the state since midnight Tuesday. Traffic is blocked in many areas, according to

About 600 hectares of farmland washed away in Bhiloda. Washed away the fertile lands and crops in 4 villages. Villagers in Jhumsar, Kishangadh, Malasa Liccha stunned and damage to their homes and farms because of the rain, which caused 300 mm of precipitation.

"This is the first time in this area have seen such heavy rain. People who have taken refuge in safer places, began to return to what was left of their homes. Many people now have to start from scratch, as the walls of their mud houses collapsed , unable to withstand the flow of water, "said villager Jhulsar.

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