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1) What can you say about Shambala (like the Brotherhood of advanced beings)?
2) and the relationship with Shamballa civilizations of other planets.
3) and their role in the future developments in the world associated with the changes.
4) What can you say about the connection with extraterrestrial origin of man on Earth?
5), and of what is the truth in the history of the origin of man on Earth, which runs from the Sumerians?
6) What can you say about the relationship of Jesus and extraterrestrial life?
7) and of knowledge, which says that once came to Earth from Venus being highly (7 Kumar) and influenced the evolution of man?

1. Shambhala exists, but is not stable. She remained there for long. It will disappear due to lack of energy coming from the outside. This lack of people feel later on when to start the change. Shambhala was established to support the people as a new species on the planet. This research center. Of the people he often tells what to do.

2. Shambhala is not associated with the planets. Those who created the people are not like them. They are products of mental activity. Planets similar to Earth next to none. Life on earth is such a one. There are other planets with other life. It is alien to you. Only a few can be clear for you. They do not come to the earth open, because there is no need. Communication takes place on a different principle. Spaceships do not need to build.

3. Shambhala is to the change. Then she disappears. The study will be completed. Earth must undergo change successfully. It is the task of Shambhala.

4. Point circulation 19,003 — 24.85. In your address to the ecliptic: 19.04 and 89.01. They are the ones who created man.

5. Sumerians — the people who lived long ago, 27,000 years ago. They often talked with the creators of the people, because it helps in the study more than was necessary. The study involved more. They changed people, and research has begun to lose meaning in bulk. People must live in the world and not to leave with her.

6. Jesus gave people the opportunity to connect with the universe. He did not give a religion, which is derived from faith. These are the people did wrong. Believe — is to do everything carefully, and not to do it for myself more. Jesus did not say that all this will do for people. He said that it will be understood by them, when they come to it. People should not have to beg and pray. In the world there is "higher" and "lower." Jesus is not the highest, but just smarter. People can also become like that. He did not have to serve. It must be understood. It also seeks to understand people. Jesus — not the person, and never have been. Every body — a form which can be quickly created. Jesus is not connected to the body and the mind, which is everywhere in the universe. Jesus can speak to everyone in the universe. That he wanted to teach, and people. He's not the first. The first time was Prometheus. They came twice.

7. Venus has always helped and helps the Earth. Those who came there to this day with you. They continue to study and keep order in the world. It's difficult for them. Land is not stable. Venus comes after all the planets. Those who help you, not people. They do not need a body, but they sometimes use them. Now you do not agree to help it. Your technique came from the mind of inhabitants of Venus. People need to learn to work with the knowledge of another, because that's what people know Venus, large in size and speed. Now people understand too slow. What on earth is called "bad" part of people have created, part of those who participate in the study. This is to make people understand how to work with the knowledge given by others.

1) Why is Love — is that important? What is this? This feeling? energy? state? the law? entity? there is something more powerful than love? when a man loves, he is connected to something? if yes, then what is it?
2) You said that the Sun and the Earth — is energy. Apparently, the sun — the energy of a higher level than the earth? Tell me, the energy and consciousness — is the same thing? the Sun is consciousness? the rest of the planet, as energy — the earth is more important or not? which planets have on earth the greatest impact? What is the planet Earth are most strongly associated, and why? What will happen to other planets after the change?
We know all the planets in the solar system? Does the solar system, something important about what we do not know?
3) Why is the Earth care, such as the fact that it sent indigo? What is the Earth and humanity has for the rest of the universe?

1. Love is important because it is able to connect to each other strange people. In general, people are not strangers, but when they are born, forget about it. Love can touch and understand that you are not alone. It does not need to touch all the time. Then people will stop to do something myself. For people who love — feeling. For me it is something like a wave. This is the energy that affects your life. It may be called the law because one people are very weak. But love is not the essence. It only helps to connect, then you need to do more. There's that great love. Sometimes his touch when away from the Earth. If you feel it once, you will never live in peace. This is not for people. Those who do not know how to communicate, think that they are alone, can turn to love, which will help them to start talking. It is not easy for those who were part of one. Been established for love. While it is, people do not get lost.

2. Sun more energy than the Earth, but it is very dependent on her and the other planets. People in the Sun will never fall, but there is something that makes you. Energy and consciousness — one and the same. The man has a world he knows is he who is aware of. The Sun is also the same. Sun is associated with other stars. You call it the Zodiac. Sun is important planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This station. They determine the motion of the solar system. Saturn station is very weak. She lost power when the last change. You must find a way to restore it. Otherwise, the solar system will begin to crumble. You will not do it alone. Do it and others living in the solar system. Waiting for you, when you master the technology is transferred to you flying to the planets and use a lot of energy. The greatest influence on the Earth is Jupiter, but must Saturn. Most strongly associated with Mars, Earth, and this link is dangerous. After the changes will be new planets. They will come from outside the solar system, because the attraction of the sun rise. On earth will be very hot. Mercury will disappear, Venus can stay.

3. Indigo is not sent to Earth. They come themselves. This is the link that more love. Earth does not want help, they want to teach. This should do it myself. People are able to live in a manner that are available. It is very interesting. Bodies in the universe is small, they are not used. People have many ways to develop its capabilities, it is also able to few. Other people learn how to see through a lot of one, are able to bind different to each other, are able to search. This is their big "plus." Although people are simple, they are interested in many, they do not prohibit communicate. But in the universe people live. There, the body does not need.

1) What if I mind? If I am opposed to the 91.8% of people have died? If I love them for what they are and do not want them to start to get sick and die to make room for a "more perfect people"? My opinion will be considered canceled and global change?
I just do not want violent destruction, and (or) change people. As I understand it, if all these Indigo, Flash Light, Change — from the good, their methods to improve life on Earth should be more humane.
Actually, just a second question emerges:
2) What are the goals of the people of indigo? Or, rather, those who sent them here
Once there is a third question:
3) Who sent you to Earth?
4). Who are these 11? They are not people? And what happened to the 12th? Why are these supreme rulers allow war? (Very important question)
And finally, philosophical and provocative question Sasha
5) Know how you indigo children lie, and whether in this subject lies?

1. I understand what you say. We should not want it. Committed people come not so. Weak must give way to a strong — a lot of people think so. But power is not to destroy but to create. It should be understood that you create not only for yourself. Those who are used to create for yourself and see others have to leave. They bear the loneliness and despair to others. They can not do and think differently. If they stay, you will also be alone. Not all people are, but the majority. Get sick and die — is to know the pain and fear that grew in such people all the time. If you do not, then you will not. You're talking about people's difficult to understand things. You have your own "truth", which you believe. She is in others. People grow on the earth, but do not understand it. What do you think, and she understands you?

2, 3. On the purposes of indigo have said. They are the ones who help in the changes. Indigo come themselves, and this happens everywhere. Indigo — a small part of what may come. People also small part. We come from one side, and we know each other very well, but here everyone remembers what can remember. It is his ability, which he himself created. We all have to live.

4. They are not people. They are associated with the Earth itself. You call their 12 properties. One of them you rejected. Its source — on Saturn. War — is the inability to use the qualities that you are given. They should help you to develop so that you have changed gradually, but people want to do it quickly and at war. Rapid change gives little insight. You all do not understand these qualities and you lose touch with them. Then as now learned to process information, to help you, but you get to do it themselves instead of computers and televisions. The fact that it shows lead to war.

5. All the people know how to lie. Teaches a life in which they find themselves. Indigo also know how to lie. Lie comes when one wants it. People talk to each other as they can. If they fail to say how can the other, then they're lying. But this is not a hoax, and the inability to speak the way you want. Deceive simple, it is easy to say, harder to tell the truth because we need to understand.

That may mean (characterize) the phrase "Six Rays"? What it may concern?
Man is not only the body. Seven rays of the building to his friend. Those who have a body, such a construction can not see, because the body is created to hold the first building. Man is composed of Light. He is not colored. One beam stopped giving people their power. This is a ray of Truth. Now people will not always believe that the simple and clear. Search for the truth becomes almost impossible. People will quickly give up on life and try to die. When there is no truth, everyone will fear that they all lie. Fear replaces the seventh ray and destroy the rest. The more a person is afraid of, the greater the fear. If you are afraid that you will be killed, the killing will be even greater.

1) Hey, Sasha, can you teach us this ;)?
Adults believe little children. You can not teach. We — your students. You have to teach us that feeling away. Adult children give it away completely. Every child has a father and mother. They also have you, even if long gone from you.

2) You do realize that the numbers that you talk to us — that does not mean anything to us, not knowing the specifics of working with them — is like reading unfamiliar letters. Tell us about them.
For those who want to understand, explain the numbers. This is not a foreign language. It is a conversation in another form.

Please tell me, the fact that indigo, and you in particular, give people information about upcoming catastrophic change, is not the kind of opportunity for people to time "come to their senses" and change their attitude towards each other and to their planet , would change the scenario of the upcoming events on the softer, more gentle? As far as the script that needs to happen, a foregone conclusion today?
You have 4 directions. The fifth was closed recently. People do not use them because they do not believe. They feel bad that it is clear to almost all the world. Event could not be better. It will be the same for all. Nature on Earth can vary. Can do the same Earth. People do not understand why she does it, because I still do not understand why changing nature. It is the story of the Earth that was happening to her. People can not understand that language. They think that the birds simply sing, and beasts growl or meow. It is not. They talk every day with you and with each other. When the trees rustle, it is also a conversation. All sounds on earth can both be speaking the Earth. People are able to listen to only the strong cries when something falls, drops or cracks. More people hear the crash. Then a short time they are able to hear and understand a lot more, but then again forget about it. Earth every day telling people what will happen.
The change has already taken place. It just comes to you. In it you in the past, and it is in the future. You will never see it in full, but feel. When you change, change will disappear.

If you change your attitude to each other, you will help yourself quickly understand how to change, and do it better than others. Others will have to submit to what they offer. For many, this will be unpleasant.

Ask Sasha, what he thinks about dreams? As he perceives them as is that for him, is it? And how sleep can change due to outbreaks and about the changes.
In the dream, man lives half his life. In the dream, only the body is resting and not completely. Dream — the opportunity for a person to do what he wants to do in the real world, where his body. In the dream, you can collect the model in the designer. If they are correctly assembled, they will start working and will soon appear in the real world. Each of you knows how to design, but somehow gathers that breaks down quickly. These things have a lot, but it becomes even more necessary. If things start to break down, you get stuck. That things do not break, they should do well. Good done by those who are doing it myself. But there are those who say that he did, and in fact, it made him different. Even if it is done well, it quickly breaks down, because the one who told the truth, he can not do himself and spoil a thing. If he will take care of it, you have to do something himself.

Who dreams become stronger. But few can remember them. What are you doing there, is very different from what you do in real life. In the dream, not to worry and make sudden movements. If you see the light, it must be clean. Do not go to a strong green light.

How he sees the future of the Earth (in general)? …. Or things change or will remain as-is …. now ..
Earth will not be the same as now. She will never know. The rest you will see for yourself.

What is God? And why he created the world? What is the motive?
God — that's what people do not see, but sooner or later it will come. God — is the people themselves. In the outside there is no God.
People have created their own world, to see the purpose of knowledge. When these goals are achieved is not obtained, there is God. The more God, the weaker people. The stronger the belief, the closer God. But God's people never reached and never know why the world is created in which they live. This mystery unravels after leaving Earth.

Elf! Ask Sasha .. As it relates to animals, dogs, cats itd.Kak he feels them, and how people should treat them .. really when they say that they treat people with his energy, or it is not … what do you think.
Animals are the same people as people. They must be treated as neighbors. Neighbors should be friends and not vrednichat. All animals are able to speak, but their language is incomprehensible to man, because people's minds are not set on a conversation. They think that animals simply sounds. If singing birds slow down a few hundred times, you can hear a few words on her tongue. When people say, the bird seems to go long and slow sound. Few people know how to listen, listen to many of the animals are much more in a short period of time. The fastest in the conversation and hearing whales and dolphins. Dolphins relate well to people, but do not understand why they spoil the water and take some dolphins for good. Whales are never nice to people.

Many animals are able to find the flow of life and use them. People call it their ability to heal. In fact, animals are just doing for themselves through stronger and help wash away the disease in humans. Some people know how to do that, but most prefer to be treated. Treatment makes a person weaker, he stops fighting and dying as before. Somehow, those who learn to use the flow of life, do it for others for money and call it healing. Cats and other animals do it just like that, otherwise you can die. I do not understand why a person sells another death and a cure for it, because in fact it is — one and the same. When a man sells another life, he makes quite wrong: Life is not a price, the price is only death. Animals are not able to buy and sell.

The changes (disasters) … many stocks and storage of radioactive waste — "vskroyutsya" … As a result, many people will be contaminated with radiation …

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