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1) Do Russians have time to hide in bunkers state reserve in case of cataclysm?
2) How many of us non-humans with human appearance? Who they are and on what grounds can recognize them?

1. I have said and I repeat that if you hid it does not mean that you will survive. You can not choose who will be able to escape, and who is not. Fairness has nothing to do with it. There is something that needs to be changed. You want to ride the subway in the old or new cars?
2. There is not enough. More of those who ceased to be a man and became closer to the animals. Recognize others you can not, until they themselves are not willing to. If you know how to recognize them, it would not make sense to hide in human form. To be like the other can be different and a lot of times. If you do not want to show up, so for good reason. If you know that your house are all kinds of creatures, you will be worried and try to drive them out. While you do not know it, between you peace.

I am wondering whether you are aware of yourself in a dream?
Not always. Sleep — the next line next to the line of life. Between the lines can be crossed. In the Line of sleep can conceive that then appears in the line of life.

You mention "ask", "listen to the answer in my head" — can you advise when the condition is better to do? A couple of exercises for the development of hearing? How to distinguish the truth from their own fantasies? In general, advise "the deaf." ;)
You can listen in a different state. You should begin to calm. Should not be around that distracts your attention. You should not be thinking of the duties to be performed in the near future. To listen, you need to turn off the outside sounds. Do not pay attention to them as long as they cease to mean something to you. In the appeared silence listen. True words are clear. You do not have to whisper or talk with their emotions. You do not have to yell, you do not have to give orders. Your fantasies are in essence incomprehensible. In answering obscurity disappears. Here the fine lines.

Sasha, Elhfi, another question arose!
Great a chance visit to Earth inhabitants of Nibiru (Planet X), which is now approaching Earth?
Planet to the Earth comes close. All the planets are close to the Sun. The wave is approaching. It reflect any troops or just people can not. This change should affect all. Do not be afraid of it. This is not to resist.

My question is this …. the last time, I began to notice that as soon as I do (I say, I think) is something very positive for me, "rolls" kind of wave, I can not describe it (just to pick up the words I can not …), perhaps some excitement, something similar to adrenaline.
This feeling is called a join. For a brief moment you connect with what is your own making. Any good business means that you are performing the task, good learning. Execution of such cases means your duration in this world. You exist not only as body and soul, you have more and "duration". Each person must recognize their "duration."

1. Say say that children who are called indigo blue tint in his aura. Tell me what color your aura and the color more predominant in it?
Their color is not necessarily blue. Blue when it becomes due to the general field. I love the purple and green, but candlelit golden silver. This light does not see anyone, but it is not necessary. These colors do not always get to see the common man. We do not always see each other.

2. Tell me your opinion on whether or not the war between indigo and people who can not take the life of such an event as the appearance of a large number of people (with skills, awareness on the other.)
No, it will not be. War — is nonsense. There is a reason. With it you can do more than just hurt. Those who do not take life too early or too late to go for yourself. They will understand that you were in the wrong place.

3. You will live in Moscow or perebereshsya to nature?
Live among nature is good, but the big cities are taught to live in themselves. When you get them out of the village, it is sometimes difficult to get used to. People get bored because they have to be entertained. To do this they need a device that will do it for them. People are going to think that they do it themselves. Then people get lazy and fearful to go anywhere. It becomes hard it is to do. As long as I stay in the city. There are many sources of information that I have in nature absent. But this does not mean that they are basic.

4. Tell me what in your life is something to cheer you laugh when you have fun and what happens?
Makes me laugh my class teacher when swearing at us. In fact, she's kind, and we all know that. But silently and sometimes smile. And she thinks we're laughing at her. I also laugh when mom and dad can not choose what kind of bread to buy. I like anyone that they buy. And I laugh when the sun is bright, and there are tears in his eyes. And if there's guys laugh, then I do not keep up with them.

Funny things in life a lot. Basically, when we are joking with friends, or when done Affairs, and then we were scolded and forgive. I know that I love the parents, grandmother, and smiled at them. And just — friends.

Why did you tell us about Saturn because of technical problems can not be solved except with the help of his intentions?
Your thoughts can change the space (time). Thinking now, you can help make the case in the future. It is difficult to understand, but it is. There is a common planetary field. There is no time, so it is used by anyone in any space. What comes now you could start to think a few hundred years ago.

Is there a date physical theories that reflect the real picture of the world? True whether the theory of physical vacuum created by our compatriot GI Shipov?
You asked a very serious question for me. (Hereinafter, translation Elhfi)
Vacuum is the designer of the world for all forms of space. At its core, the vacuum is a special state, which can take any real form. Reality constructed in this manner, will always be subjective. Its clarity and reality can not be the rule in the understanding of the world picture. All of this will change. All things come from the transformation of the vacuum with the parameters of physics. But the parameters of physics do not exhaust the vacuum itself.

Who sees to it that the person did not remember previous lives?
This is not followed. This is inherent in you. You do give up their memories, because they will interfere in their lives. Life and what do you know — different. If it is connected, you will not be able to live. If necessary, you get access to a small part of what you know. This is necessary if you are a serious thing. People remember what they want to remember and do not remember what they did not want to remember. Such desire has only a man and no one else.

How was October 17 and how effective were the changes (if any)?
You ask about what you do not know. How can I tell you that you have not seen? Words are not the complete vehicle description.

1. What role do the curators? What type of relationship would be right?
Curators are helped to understand what actions should be done. Chosen by the people. Curators — not people. Their task — not to be supervisors, and only occasionally they are. Communication with the curator based necessarily respect. On-old for you. All his words — the truth. You also have to tell the truth. If you cheat, you stop talking, and you'll feel lonely. According to the curator, not a call to action, and the board. Your conversation is equal. No one should be afraid of each other or fall on their knees. You too can be a curator. This is — one of the choices in life.

2. As the climate changed in the last 16 thousand years. and what it will be after the "change"?
Science of geology you answer this question. I will not add anything new. Significant changes in your life will be.

And I wonder is your attitude to the church, you were there once? Well, at least out of curiosity, what comes? And if so, what kind of emotions experienced or that feel? After all, you have to feel something indigo (flow of energy, joy, peace, peace, etc.), though you are not really people, just not the people … :)))))
I was in the church again. Different churches. Some like it, others — no. It depends on the priests and the people who come there. Church of light differently. Just light up and people. For this they get there and go. The church, which glows golden or silvery light always easy. There waiting for you, and there you are helping to make your world a little brighter. Then you have to do it ourselves. Many simply support what they got, and so, too, can do. But it is better to let your light depended on you, and not from the church.

Why do you think that I am not a man? I — an ordinary boy. So, as I say here, I will never speak. If I say that I can talk with a friend, I can hardly understand, and I would be difficult to communicate. I do not want this, but not giving up its features. We each have different capabilities, but we live next to each other.

1. So after all, how's Boriskov from Mars (poor thing lost, not heard) ((I have not found an answer))
This boy helps to earn money to adults. When he talks to you, it's performance.
2. Why is life here often causes me sadness and even anger? From the inevitable perhaps?
You have the people and emotions. It is a means of understanding the world in which you live. You want to be a "blind and deaf"? Here you will only find answers themselves. For that you have come to live.

— What was life on Venus, where it is not, that who was was the reason?
Reason uninhabited Venus — its program of life. What awaits the Earth and other rocky planets. The principle of the evolution of the solar system — the transition from hard to gas. Then there is a turnover of matter

— How much unused water planets with intelligent life in the 4th density? I suspect that no one in our corner, is this true?
If you are talking about the multidimensionality, tag the query pane.

— With that you, in particular, to such an interest in the world?
The mind is not the basis of states in the world. Intelligences are very few. There are other conditions that are different from the mind. Interest in the land just slightly. Sowing the mind is a simple task for the space.

— What a person people of the right to the Earth in terms of "ownership", who gave it to them (if provided), and on what terms?
Rights to land people do not. The land is not theirs. The concept of "property" here can not be applied. Land — a place for the implementation of possible states, which are identified with a form of the state, which is the Earth. The man — a copy of the Earth, although no clue about it.

— What to do with these "owners" are and whether the soul is embodied most in the world of Spirits? Or they are here — the same guests, as well as those who are watching right now for the Earth?
Live and participate in watching the same life that connects them via their own. The task of monitoring — find similar, problem living — to take or not to take similar. If you do not solve the problem, observation, and life becomes meaningless and stop.

-or where do come, "young soul"?
"Young Soul" come from newly created generic capsules. They come from outside. Young souls are needed to support the understanding of what others are doing already. Young souls are on an equal footing with the "old", but these concepts are not accurate — the shower has no age, they have the capacity, the knowledge that they are receiving. Everyone learns at a different rate. Do not always need to share, to be born.

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